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IPython users – welcome!

Welcome IPython-ers, Fernando Perez has linked to us from IPython’s front-page. We’d love to hear your comments on our videos. Are there other videos you’d like to request? Or perhaps you’d like to contribute your own videos – we’re very actively looking for submissions.

Next, expect some videos for the SPE IDE, [...]

New beta site on-line

Thanks to Kyran’s hard work, the new beta site is on-line and now we have 10 (free) videos ranging from our original coffee video, Python, IPython, the ScummVM retro gaming system and a HyperCam tutorial for you to make your own ShowMeDo videos. This content is free to access, and always will be.

Do you [...]

Upcoming ShowMeDo videos

Soon to come, to compliment the first four ShowMeDo videos:

using HyperCam to make screencasts under Windows (so you can make your own ShowMeDo videos!)

downloading IPython for Windows
using IPython on Windows with TextPad
starting to develop using IPython
a gaming bonus – adding the freeware graphical adventure Flight of the Amazon Queen to the ScummVM gaming system

Update: We’re [...]

Running ShowMeDo as a daemonised process using daemontools

We’ve used daemontools to daemonise our TurboGears server under FreeBSD here at zettai.net. daemontools was installed, we just needed to hook into the system. Since this took a bit of time to figure out if I give some pointers then, hopefully, future TGers won’t have the same hassle. I used the lighttpd [...]

15-30 visitors per day, we’re not even live!

Given that we’ve not announced this site, nor is it really ready for public consumption, Kyran and I are tickled to see that we’re getting 15 to 30 visitors a day coming through.

We hope you like the content, there’s plenty more to come!

First version of ShowMeDo

Kyran and I are proud to say we’ve launched the first version of ShowMeDo.com. The site will be subject to massive change over the coming months as we roll out our new ideas. If you’d like to give us your thoughts then please drop us a line, we’d love to know what you’ve [...]