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And the most popular ShowMeDo video so far is…

The most downloaded screencast since we went live on New Year’s Eve is Developing Python In IPython with 1,189 downloads over 7 weeks.

The other SPE and IPython videos have between 469 and 861 downloads over the same time period, and Kyran’s latest wxPython videos, launched just last week, have a whopping 273 to 404 downloads [...]

New wxPython Videos On-line

We’re pleased to announce five new video screencasts showing beginners to wxPython how to build a simple GUI application, attatch menubars and statusbars and deal with simple event-handling. These five videos are the first in an on-going series hoping to introduce Python programmers to the wonderful world of wxPython and quickly get them building [...]

Traffic picks up

First this weekend we had a link from Swaroop, and then Sean McGrath, and these were picked up by the good folks at Daily Python. That’s driven traffic up from 30 people per day to closer to 80. We’re also seeing a number of del.icio.us links, our first Squidoo lens link from Herb [...]

New Beta On-line

Kyran and I are pleased to announce an update to the server, now we have two new features:

Feedback – you can leave us feedback when you’ve seen a video (we’ll post the comments to the site later)
Notification – if you’d like to be notified about new videos similar to the ones you’re looking at, just [...]

Fifteen people a day, and growing

We’ve got a solid 15-20 visitors (not bots!) per day now, thanks to Mustafa (win32.com), David (Szdavid’s blog), Dimitri (Serpia tutorials), Fernando (IPython) and a new del.icio.us Python/IPython link. We’re glad that the word is spreading and that feedback is so positive!

Coming shortly – wxPython and matplotlib video introductions.

New SPE Videos for Python

I’ve uploaded two new SPE tutorials – one for Python Development and Navigation with SPE, the second for Using the WinPDB Python Debugger with SPE.

Kyran and I would love to hear your feedback, feel free to drop us a line or comment. If you’d like to demonstrate your knowledge to a Python audience, we’d [...]