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Mobile ShowMeDo

I’ve been testing ShowMeDo.com on my Nokia 6680 mobile via 3G and a web browser, and you know what…it works. Soon you’ll be able to watch your ShowMeDos from the comfort of your mobile (whether your screen is big enough to make that useful…well, that’s another matter!).

It could be neater and the links need [...]

We’ve broken the 12,000 downloads barrier!

I’m very pleased to say we’ve now served 12,094 videos since we went live on New Year’s Eve 2005. That’s a lot of people watching a lot of videos. If you’d like to share back your knowledge, just like Jerol, we’d love to talk with you!

Introduction to Python Objects Part 2 Now Available

Jerol’s second video, an Introduction to Python Ojbects using IPython (2), is now on-line – thanks Jerol! It is listed under the set An Introduction to Python Objects using IPython, the final part will be on-line by early next week. This ShowMeDo is 14 minutes long, Jerol gives an excellent introduction to using [...]

Almost 12,000 video downloads

Since our go-live day on Jan 1st we’ve had an amazing 11,938 ShowMeDo downloads, and almost half of these have been in the last few weeks. Kyran and I are very happy that we’re able to provide such a useful service!

The four IPython introduction ShowMeDos continue to be the most popular with 5,801 downloads [...]

Jerol Harrington submits a Python video

[edit: the video is on-line now]
We’ve had our first video submission from one of our users – most cool!

Jerol Harrington has created an Introduction to Python Objects using IPython, the first in a series of three on Python Objects. Several more videos will follow in the coming weeks. He used HyperCam and VirtualDubMod, [...]

New Video Requests

The recent publicity has brought us a new set of video requests, some by very prominent members of the Python community:

Sean McGrath is interested in knot-tieing videos
Stani in a wxGlade video
Swaroop in the Python Imaging Library

Jerol in an introduction to objects in Python
Kent in a video on using vnc2swf

Who’d like to share their knowledge in [...]

The gift economy – thanks Stani!

Stani has very kindly offered (half way down) to let us reward ShowMeDo video contributors with a pdf of the SPE manual for his Python development environment.

Normally it is only available if you have donated directly to the SPE project. This is a wonderful example of the gift economy in action.

Many thanks [...]