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Are you on the Notifications list?

If you are on the Notifications List then you’ll receive an update email roughly once a month listing our new videos, new site features and thoughts on where we go next. I try to make the update email a little more personal than these blog entries.

To sign up, go to one of our video [...]

New ShowMeDo

We are pleased to say that a new version of the site is on-line with improved navigation and a better look and feel.

New Java and Eclipse ShowMeDos

John Montgomery has contributed a set of 3 videos introducing Java programming with the Eclipse IDE.

John covers writing a first Java program, code completion and the rename refactoring tool.

New updates coming

Sometime around the weekend we will get a new version of the site on-line. Kyran has been working double-time on the new look, the navigational features are nicely improved.

We’ll also have a new video set of at least three videos on Using Eclipse and Java by John Montgomery.

Forum on-line

Our latest site addition is the forum. I’m collecting notes from our contributors on how to go about making new ShowMeDos. Feel free to post a question or share some knowledge!

Fixed ScummVM Video

Joakim G̢ndara has kindly re-dubbed my early ShowMeDo on the ScummVM retro-gaming system. I was trying to demonstrate how easy it was to add an old graphic adventure game (Flight of the Amazon Queen) to ScummVM on Windows Рthe video was good but the audio track got messed up.

Joakim used Audacity to re-dub [...]

Three new ShowMeDos for Making ShowMeDos

I’ve recorded two new ShowMeDos for the free CamStudio 2.0 software (MS Windows) showing you how to configure it and make a first video. The process is really easy, you could be up and running in minutes. Secondly, Matt Harrison has kindly allowed us to host a copy of his vnc2swf video for [...]

Site updates

Kyran has finished off another site update, now we have a redesigned front page (ShowMeDo.com) which shows a recent ShowMeDo and a live update about the current requests (see requests). You can also jump quickly to the Python videos from here.

The Amazon link text is also updated so you can easily see if there [...]

Lots of new requests available for voting

We’ve got 13 requests listed, all of which you can vote on. They range from Kyran’s suggestion of a Great Tea video, through Python IDEs and tools and back out to (of all things) Knitting.

Let your voice be heard…

Getting Into Screencasting (Jerol Harrington)

The following was kindly written by Jerol Harrington to help anyone who is interested in making a ShowMeDo.

I made my first ShowMeDo because I had started to use wxPython and realized how important it was to understand objects. Since Ian had produced ShowMeDo’s on Python, and Ipython, and Kyran had done the same for wxPython, [...]

ShowMeDo site improvements

We’ve posted a new version of the site, changes include:

A voting system on the Requests, you can show your preference for new ShowMeDos

A new ‘request a video‘ page, please send us a mail and have a chat!

Improved Amazon book listings (e.g. here)
Recommendation text on Amazon books by the ShowMeDo Author (e.g. here)

Introduction to Python Objects Part 3 Now Available

The final installation of Jerol’s Introduction to Python Objects is now on-line, clocking in with a whopping 24 minutes of object-related goodness.