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New requests on-line

I have just added 5 new requests to the site:

Patrick Kohler: It would be great to have a rapid introduction to Python
Mike Cosby: I would like to see a full Python tutorial to accompany the one at python.org
Yi Qiang: I would like to see a ShowMeDo on using the Python debugger (pdb) effectively
Gavin Buttimore: Installing [...]

Updates at ShowMeDo.com

We have released a new version of ShowMeDo.com. The main changes are improvements to the Voting Page (the addition of filters) and improved rendering for IE 6.

We are developing and testing a new version of the site which will include video comments – just like comments on blogs, but these can be left for [...]

New ShowMeDos: Java

John continues the Eclipse series with a fourth on Using CVS inside Eclipse for version control, and shows how to use his Java Psion Link application.

Thanks John!

30 ShowMeDos and more coming!

I have just posted our 30th video – Fabio’s PyDev ShowMeDo. So far we have 21 Python ShowMeDos, 3 for Java, 4 for Screencasting and 2 Miscellaneous. 30 is a great milestone to reach.

I also have two more Java videos to post over the weekend. In the works from three of our [...]

New ShowMeDos: PyDev and PyDev Extensions

Fabio Zadrozny introduces his free PyDev development environment for the Eclipse framework, and shows the PyDev Extensions tool.

Thanks Fabio!

Two new ShowMeDos for Python

We have two new ShowMeDos. Jeff Winkler shows you how to control a Windows application using pyWinAuto and how to use his Nosey tool for Python testing.

Thanks Jeff!