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Video-comments are our latest feature – you can leave feedback for an author (perhaps just to say thanks) or share your knowledge with other visitors. Jerol leads the way with great comments for both of Fabio’s PyDev ShowMeDos.

Would you show your appreciation to our authors and drop them a note of thanks? You [...]

New ShowMeDo: PataPata – The Educational Constructivist Python Learning Environment

Francois has created a ShowMeDo demonstrating the PataPata project, which builds upon the ideas of Squeak and Self in a Python learning environment.

A proposal for a “Python Tutorial Series” – what should be included?

I have posted a forum entry asking What would you include in a Python tutorial for newbies?. Kyran and I would like to encourage our visitors to help us make a Python Tutorial Series, one that any newbie to Python can be directed at.

Of course – before we help to make this series we [...]

Site update

We have just added two great new features – user-comments for each video and better navigation.

With video comments (which look just like blog comments) you can leave your own thoughts about each video, just as you can comment on blog entries. We’d love to see you giving feedback to the video authors for their [...]


Kyran and I are very happy to see that we’ve passed the mile-stone of 25,000 video downloads – thank you for coming by! We shall be eating large slices of chocolate cake to celebrate. On with the next 25,000!

Which ShowMeDos are most popular?

So, which topics do our visitors find most interesting? I have analysed our logs and compiled some stats, ranked roughly by most-recent-first.

For the latest ShowMeDos the total number of downloads are:

RUR-PLE – 181
PyDev (2 videos) – 1591
nosey Python testing – 230
pyWinAuto – 559
Java/Eclipse (4 videos) – 159
Intro to Python Objects (3 videos) – 1436

The [...]

Learn Python programming with RUR-PLE and the robot!

Use RUR-PLE to learn Python programming. André Roberge’s system teaches Python programming using an animated robot and an interactive Python session. Ideal for newcomers to the language, young and old.

Watch André Roberge gently introduce RUR-PLE in this 6 minute ShowMeDo.