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New Java ShowMeDos: Writing a Mandelbrot Applet (parts 6-10 of 10)

John Montgomery’s series of 10 ShowMeDos introducing Java Applet programming is now complete, we’ve just uploaded the 6th to 10th parts. Here John shows how to write a classic Mandelbrot Applet, featuring colour, movement, fading and zooming.

You can see some extra information in this wiki entry wiki(JavaMontgomeryAppletSeries). You can vote for this video [...]

New Java ShowMeDos: Parts 4 and 5 of Writing Applets

John’s 4th and 5th videos are up. The series was originally for 5 videos, John has now recorded another 5 to extend the set – these will be posted during September. These videos cover animation in an Applet and pixel-level rendering. Please leave a comment for John if you like the videos!  [...]

New Java ShowMeDo: Part 3 of Writing Applets

John Montgomery’s 3rd video (in a series of 5) on writing Applets with Java is now on-line. Vote for it over at dzone.com.

Righto, we’re looking for new contributors!

After our recent traffic spikes (Makezine, DZone, Delicious and O’ReillyNet in order) and the heaps of positive feedback that we’ve received, we know that we’re providing something that is seriously useful to many people.

Jeremy Jones is looking to make a worked-example ShowMeDo for Django, as is Ian Maurer and Ian Holsman. Nadav Samet plans [...]

Welcome O’ReillyNet!

Wow, so not only do we have the spike from StumbleUpon today – we also get Jeremy Jones writing some very kind words about us on the O’ReillyNet blog. Many thanks Jeremy!

Welcome StumbleUpon!

We’re seeing a huge spike in StumbleUpon.com traffic – welcome in! I’m not a part of the StumbleUpon system…could someone fill me in on how we became so popular?  Crikey – this spike is even larger than when we hit the del.icio.us front page.

Site updated

Kyran and I have updated the site, you should notice some small UI improvements. The most obvious improvement will be the ‘All’ category, listing all of our 58 videos, you can see it here.

Our users are submitting an increasing number of requests, here you can see the most popular for Django, TurboGears and IPython.

The [...]

New Java ShowMeDos: Writing Applets

John Montgomery has created a series of five ShowMeDos showing you how to write Applets with Java using Eclipse. The first two videos are on-line, the next three will be posted during September. Please leave a video-comment for John to show your appreciation!

You can also vote for this series over at this dzone.com [...]

Welcome del.icio.us!

It seems we’ve hit gold, we fell into delicious/popular and we’re still in delicious/popular/video. Talk about a traffic spike!

Feel free to get in contact, leave a blog comment, use ‘notify me of new videos’ for email updates, and most importantly – please show your appreciation to the author of videos you like by leaving [...]

Welcome DZone!

I’ve syndicated our New Java ShowMeDos stream to JavaBlogs.com, and that in turn got picked up by DZone. I see that John’s link has 99 296 clicks and +4 +5 votes – very cool.

These links are for John’s original four Java/Ecplise introductory videos. John has a new set of five videos on the [...]

Welcome Makezine!

David Rawlinson has hit a moment of fame after Waylan Limberg submitted the Car Maintenance video set to Makezine.

Thanks Waylan. David’s videos are a growing set, we have 5 so far and 14 are planned in total. We also have two other users interested in making Car Maintenance videos. If you’d like [...]