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New Ruby ShowMeDos: The Original Rails Screencasts

David Heinemeier Hansson kindly gave us permission to host copies of the original three Rails videos which helped spark the Rails movement. See how to use Rails to build a blog in 15 minutes, interface with Flickr and painlessly migrate database schemas.

New Python ShowMeDo: Introducing the pydb Debugger

Rocky Bernstein introduces his work on the pydb debugger, an improvement over the stock pdb debugger. He shows how to debug a sample problem (gcd.py) and discusses some of the merits of the new debugger. There is some work in progress to integrate pydb with a forthcoming build of the IPython enhanced shell.

New Python ShowMeDos: Introducing Python Resources

I (Ian Ozsvald, joint founder of ShowMeDo) give a two-part Introduction to Python Resources that can be found on the web. This is the compiled version of four years of experience that I’d give to any new Python user.

I cover the obvious Python sites, book recommendations, the PythonChallenge game, blogs and some high-profile examples [...]

85,564 ShowMeDos Served

Holy Moley Batman, we have served a staggering 85,564 videos since January.

Not at all bad for a site that we have only grown in our evenings and weekends. Kyran and I are very glad to know that we’re delivering such a useful site, and send thanks to our authors who help provide us with [...]

New site on-line

Righto, we have more improvements to the site on-line. First off, on the home-page you’ll now see a larger menu of six sets of videos, this should make it easier to find the latest videos.

Secondly, and this is quite a big change – now all of our videos run as embedded Flash videos, a [...]

New Ruby ShowMeDo: Using and Configuring Ruby’s IRB

In many ways irb is to Ruby what IPython is to Python. Irb is a interactive shell for the Ruby language that allows you to test your code and make sure that you have the syntax and logic correct before it goes into your application.

Eric Lake shows you how to use irb and also how [...]

New Python ShowMeDos: Web Testing with PAMIE

Robert Marchetti is our newest author, in this two-part series he shows you how to automate your web testing using his Python tool – PAMIE – which interfaces with Internet Explorer.

See how to connect to and control an IE instance, allowing you to navigate to Google and select a result. Also see how you [...]