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Welcome del.icio.us!

Welcome (again) del.icio.us, it seems we hit the front-page overnight and we’re still listed under /tag/python. 1000 visitors in a couple of hours – woot!

New Python ShowMeDos: Physics and 3D using VPython (parts 5-9 of 9 videos)

Here are the remaining 2.5 hours worth of excellent 3D physics introductions in Python by Erik Thompson completing the 9-part set. The videos use 3D graphics to make it really easy to follow exactly what’s happening.

Learn now about friction, forces, tension, gravity and springs. Full source-code is in the wiki.

New Python ShowMeDos: Physics and 3D using VPython (first 4 of 9 videos)

The first 4 of Erik Thompson’s excellent 9 videos introducing 3D modelling and physics with VPython have been uploaded. In this first set of videos Erik reviews some fundamental physics through the motion of a ball and its interaction with wind. These videos cover 1 hour’s worth of material

The remaining 5 videos (to [...]

New Python ShowMeDo: Writing test-scripts with PAMIE for web testing

This is the first of a two-part set from Robert Marchetti showing you how to write test-scripts with the open-source PAMIE tool. PAMIE uses Internet Explorer to automate web-site testing with Python.

Milestone achieved – 100,128 tutorials served!

Woot! We broke our milestone of “100,000 tutorial downloads” yesterday, this is rather good for 317 days of working in evenings and weekends on the site with not a penny spent on marketing – just good ol’ word-of-mouth.

You can see in the graph that we’re now serving 500 videos a day, and whilst we’re [...]

Moving to WebFaction – Successful

Our move to WebFaction has been completed, we’re now hosted in London. Thanks to Remi for his help during the move.

If you’ve emailed me – sorry for the delay in emailing back, I had to focus on keeping the site up during the move. I’m back on the case now.

We’re moving to a new host this weekend

We’re moving our server to a new host this weekend.  We’ll probably start the DNS updates on Friday.  Please be aware that the DNS updates could take 24 hours to settle down, so the site may be a little hard to access in the interim.  I’ll blog again once the process is complete.