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Three requests fulfilled – Thank You Glen, Steven, David

We created our requests page a year ago when we started the site. Here our users can vote for video requests to show our authors what will be popular.

We have had hundreds of votes per request, and authors are using this list as a guide for what to create. We have had three [...]

New Perl ShowMeDo: Conditionals and Arithmetic

“Next come simple arithmetic operators and conditional statements in Perl.” – 1 video, 12 minutes, Steven Devijver

Christmas wishes

Dear everyone, Kyran and I send you happy Christmas wishes. We’re taking a break for a few days, then from next week we’re back to growing the site at a newly-increased pace. Expect lots of interesting things to happen next year.

You may have experienced some down-time with our site recently, it seems we’ve [...]

New ShowMeDos: Running VMWare on Windows

“This may come as a shock to you: you can actually run Linux as a Windows application! This ShowMeDo series shows you how to do that in easy steps with freely available tools.” – 2 videos, 17 minutes, Steven Devijver

Welcome BlenderNation!

Bart over at BlenderNation has written a wonderful piece on us:

“There’s a new video site on the block and it’s called ShowMeDo. It’s not another Youtube or Google video; instead they focus on videos that teach the viewer. At this moment they have seven categories, Blender being one of them. Currently, they host an exceptional [...]

New ShowMeDo: Simple variables in Perl

“In this second ShowMeDo on the Perl programming language Steven introduces how simple variables work in Perl.” – 1 video, 14 minutes, Steven Devijver.

New ShowMeDo: Making a .deb package for Ubuntu

“This video show you how to make an installable Debian package (“.deb”) out of a python program. The example program to demonstrate this technique is a little python game called “rock, paper, scissors”.” – 1 video, 23 minutes, Horst Jens.

Welcome GHacks.net

Martin over at GHacks.net has just published a glowing little review about us. Thanks Martin

“If ShowMeDo manages to gain some momentum and exposure on the internet [then] they surely will make their way as a great niche movie website that is able to survive amongst the big players.”

New ShowMeDos: The Basics of Macromedia Flash 8

“Welcome to the Flash Shapes Basics video 1. In this video we will discuss creating raw shapes in the Flash IDE and discover how manipulating shapes in Flash is different (and often confusing) compared to other vector manipulation programs. This is part one of a five part series.” – 5 videos, 20 minutes, Aaron Fay.

New ShowMeDos: Blender 3D

“From the basic terms employed in the field of 3D modelling to the creation of complex scenes, Glen Moyes guides you gently through Blender’s wonderful world.” – 6 videos, 77 minutes, Glen Moyes.

New Java ShowMeDos: Java2Script

“Steven Devijver introduces the fantastic Java2Script tool which lets you write a GUI in Java and then converts the code into JavaScript so it runs in a web browser.” – 3 videos, 44 minutes, Steven Devijver.

New ShowMeDos: Introductions to Financial Investment Timing

“The following series of videos introduce the concepts of investment timing when buying and selling shares on the stock market.” – 3 videos, 26 minutes, Dary Mc Govern.

New ShowMeDo: Learn Geography with GeoSense!

“Steven made what is to be our first ShowMeDo about a game. GeoSense is an online geographical quiz that runs in your browser and lets you challenge other players. Warning: abuse may cause addiction.” – Steven Devijver

New ShowMeDo: Hello World in Perl

“A short introduction to running Perl scripts on a Unix, Linux or Cygwin system. In this video Steven shows you how to get started with Perl in what hopefully becomes a ShowMeDo series.” – Steven Devijver