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New navigation feature – tags

We’ve been hard at work adding some new features to ShowMeDo, the first (just released) allows you to navigate between videos by Tags. See Steven Devijver’s first Perl video, scroll under the video and you’ll see ‘Tags: [...]

New Python ShowMeDos (German): Einführung in die Programmierung mit Python

Lucas and Marius have created two new videos in their German Python series, this time covering “Das print-Statement” and “Kommentare, Variablen und Datentypen”. The series is now four videos long.

New Ruby ShowMeDo: Build a Full Rails Server on Ubuntu

“This 10 minute demo shows how easy it is to install Ruby, Rails, Apache, Mongrel, Subversion, and MySQL on an Ubuntu server. Capistrano and the deprec gem (deployment recipes) are used to automate the installation process with only a few commands. It finishes with a deployment of a Rails app to the newly built server!” [...]

Ryan Carson asking about web-app experiences

Ryan Carson has posted an entry asking for start-ups to blog about their founding experiences and a number of small companies are posting details.

If you want about how ShowMeDo started, see my comment over on Ryan’s post. Dary, down the road at timetotrade.eu, has also commented about his experiences.

New Python ShowMeDo (German): Das print Statement

“In der zweiten Episode geht es um ein wichtiges Grundwerkzeug eines jeden Python Programmierers: Die Benutzung des print Statements.” – 1 video (of 2), 3 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert

New ShowMeDo: Arrays and Loops in Perl

“This fourth showmedo covers arrays, ranges, the foreach loop statement and the scope of variables.” – 1 video (of 4), 8 minutes, Steven Devijver

New ShowMeDos: pyGame Basics

“The aim of these videos is to convey basic pyGame programming knowledge to you.” – 3 videos, 24 minutes, Florian Mayer

New ShowMeDos: Interactive Flash

“Aaron Fay introduces ActionScript – covering basic interactivity, a user-defined class and the use of built-in classes.” – 3 videos, 20 minutes, Aaron Fay

New ShowMeDos: Rasters vs Vectors in PhotoShop

“Discover the difference between raster graphics and vector images as Aaron shows you the pros and cons of each.” – 2 videos, 17 minutes, Aaron Fay

New Python ShowMeDo (German): Einführung in die Programmierung mit Python

“Diese erste Episode einer ganzen Reihe von ShowMeDos zeigt grundlegende Konzepte der Programmierung auf.” – 1 video (first in a series), 3 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert

New Python ShowMeDo (German): PyInstaller: Installation und Anwendung

“Dieses ShowMeDo zeigt die Installation und Verwendung von pyInstaller, einem Programm, das es erlaubt, Python Programme so zu verpacken, dass sie ohne den Python Interpreter ausgeführt werden können.” – 1 video, 5 minutes, Lucas Holland

Thanks to eContent

Many thanks to Rich for writing about us over at eContent:

“ShowMeDo is one of the best screencast tutorial sites I’ve seen in a LONG time. If you are a software engineer, programmer or just trying to learn some new code, you need to visit and bookmark this site. …”

It is fantastic to see such positive [...]

New ShowMeDos: Build an Art Museum using Google’s SketchUp

“Phil Shaprio shows you how to create an Infinite Art Museum to display images of artwork using Google’s SketchUp.” – 3 videos, 13 minutes, Phil Shapiro

New ShowMeDo: Add Photos to Google SketchUp

“Export photos on the Mac from iPhoto and import them into the web-based Google SketchUp so that they are viewable on-line.” – 1 video, 3 minutes, Phil Shapiro

New ShowMeDo: Debugging Makefiles with remake

“I introduce extensions I have made to GNU Make which allow better error messages, tracing and enable the debugging of Makefiles. For anyone who has ever tried to debug a makefile before you’ll know just how difficult it can be!” – 1 video, 14 minutes, Rocky Bernstein

New Python ShowMeDos: Writing Arinoid using pyGame

“Chuck Arellano introduces Python’s pyGame gaming library by showing you how to write an Arinoid clone from scratch. Full source and sprite maps are provided.”, 4 videos, Chuck Arellano