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New Python ShowMeDo: ShowMeDo’s Presentation to PyCon

“Doug asked us to prepare a talk for the 2007 PyCon plenary sessions to explain our goals. Kyran and I talk about why we started ShowMeDo and how we want to help keen Python (and Open Source) users to share knowledge and education.” – 1 video, 4 minutes, Ian Ozsvald, Kyran Dale

ShowMeDo Wallpaper

Would you like some wallpaper? Over in the wiki we have some sample images, including this rather nice 800×600 alpha-background logo that you can use as a background to your own ShowMeDos:

200,000 tutorials served!

Yesterday we served our 207,987th tutorial video and at least half of these have been Python tutorials. This is a great milestone to pass, Kyran and I are very pleased with the site’s growth (to all our visitors and commenters – thank you!).

Next milestone – 500k tutorials – how soon can we get there? [...]

New Python ShowMeDo: PyCon-Tech 4 – Schedule App Part 1a

“We pick up right where we left off with the PyCon schedule app and look at the use of the Dojo javascript toolkit.” – 1 video, 12 minutes, Doug Napoleone

New Python ShowMeDo: PyCon-Tech 3 – Schedule App Part 1

“In this instalment we look at the PyCon schedule app from a client perspective.” – 1 video, 26 minutes, Doug Napoleone

New ShowMeDo: PyCon-Tech 2 – Django plus PHP

“We dive into the source code behind the PyCon web site and how we integrate the PHP based PMWiki with Django using a custom Template Loader.” – 1 video, 24 minutes, Doug Napoleone

New German Screencasting ShowMeDo: Screencasts erstellen mit Gobby

“In diesem ShowMeDo geht es darum, wie man mit Hilfe von Gobby, Skype und Pamela Screencasts kollaborativ über das Internet erstellt.” – 1 video, 16 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert

Translation request – this video is in German, we’d love to have an English version or an English audio track – can you help?

New Python ShowMeDos: Funktionen (1 video, 5 minutes)

“In dieser Episode geht es um Funktionen, also um das Gruppieren von Code zu Einheiten, die wiederverwendbar sind.” – 1 video, 5 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert

New Python ShowMeDo: PyCon-Tech Introduction

“PyCon-Tech is an initiative started by A. M. Kuchling to create an integrated set of tools for running the PyCon conference. In this introduction we give an overview of the PyCon web site public interfaces (wiki, talk archive, schedule) and the technologies used to implement them (pmwiki, zope, django). The technologies are fully integrated [...]

New ShowMeDo: Move Vista’s Quick Launch to Side of Screen

This is our first Windows Vista screencast, we’re hoping that this is the first in a series of tutorial ‘casts from David Kirk over at the excellent tech-recipes.com tutorial site.

“In Vista you can no longer move your quick launch toolbar to the side of the screen. For users who have been running XP for a [...]

ShowMeDo – updated site

Kyran and I are very happy to announce a new release of the site – this time we add author-photos, videos-by-author, a ‘graphics‘ section and some improvements to the comments. On the front-page we will feature some of our recent authors, to give their photos an airing.

Note that you may need to do a [...]

New ShowMeDo: Contributing to OpenStreetMap

“Mikel introduces the OpenStreetMap web-based editor, a prototype piece of software by Steve Coast. Learn how to easily add new streets to the OpenStreetMap project by tracing over Yahoo aerial data and submitting nodes, segments and ways, recorded using some data near Clapham Common in the UK.”, 1 video, 4 minutes, Mikel Maron

New ShowMeDo: Live CSS Editing and Debugging with Firebug

“Jesse introduces Firebug 1.0, the live CSS editor which runs inside Firefox. See how you can easily identify elements by rolling the mouse over them, select them, see the html and see which rules apply to the segment (or those that have been over-ridden). You can also edit the html and css in-place and monitor [...]

New Python ShowMeDos: Parts 5 and 6 for Einführung in die Programmierung mit Python

Lucas and Marius have completed the 5th and 6th parts of their brilliant Python Introductory series. Now, learn about Operatoren und Datentypen and the excellent Objektorientierte Programmierung (OOP).

How we make ShowMeDos

I recently asked our authors to explain how they made their videos. The result so far is a great forum discussion on the different techniques we’ve all used.

The discussion covers the tools everyone has used on different platforms (including CamStudio, Camtasia, iShowU and xVidCap), approaches to planning and recording and post-production. Lucas and [...]