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New ShowMeDo – Rails: Find Through Association

“No need to pass foreign keys in find conditions, just do the find through a has_many association.” – 1 video, 2 minutes, Ryan Bates

New ShowMeDo – Rails: Dynamic find_by Methods

“Shorten simple finds considerably and improve readability by using the dynamic find_all_by and find_by methods.” – 1 video, 2 minutes, Ryan Bates

New ShowMeDo – Rails: Caching with Instance Variables

“Learn a quick way to improve performance. Just store the end result of an expensive command in an instance variable!” – 1 video, 2 minutes, Ryan Bates

Get Going with Python 1: Getting a Feel for the Language

Welcome to my new 8-part series guiding you through starting with Python. In this series I will cover:

Getting a Feel for Python (this post)
Python Development Environments (IDEs)
Python ‘under the hood’
GUI Development
Web development
Writing solid code with Unit Tests
Games and Physics
Python Advocacy

Side note – are you learning Python? We’ve started Club ShowMeDo which is [...]

IDLE video praise on new Python Newbies series

Here are some comments from the 3rd and 9th videos in my Python Newbies series. Using IDLE v1.2:

“This IDLE session is great. It really highlighted this simple to start yet powerful free IDE. A built-in IDE, in my point of view, is one of many reasons Python is getting more popular. I started to [...]

New Python ShowMeDo (German): Kontrollfluss 1

“In dieser Episode beginnen wir, uns mit der Manipulation des Kontrollflusses von Programmen auseinanderzusetzen.” – 1 video, 11 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert

Python Advocacy Podcast (Python411)

Jshack pointed me at Jeff Rush’s talk, recorded by Ron Stevens (Python411), entitled Python Advocacy: March 11, 2007 (mp3 – 17mb 40 minutes). Jeff talks kindly about ShowMeDo and Python411 as ‘very valuable resources’ (around the 15 minute mark).

I also heard about the new advocacy.python.org site and that Python Papers have just released their [...]

Python Newbies on XP – almost 2 hours of tutorial videos (paid-for series)

“This series aims to get you up and running with Python 2.5 on Windows XP. Here I have distilled for you the knowledge that I wanted when I first started with Python. During 107 minutes of video I’ll get you up and running with the right Python distro, coding in a choice of IDE, [...]

Site back up

Sorry for the downtime, we were promoted to the front-page of Del.icio.us and the ensuing traffic-flood flattened ShowMeDo for 2 hours.  We shall work to improve the site so a future flood isn’t a problem.

The site is running just fine again now.

Welcome Reddit and DZone

Thanks to njharman for Python, 3d & Physics with Vpython [ShowMeDo] at Reddit (currently 27 points) and to bonlebon for ShowMeDo, Learn Python, Java and Blender, all in one place at DZone (currently +9 votes).

We’d certainly appreciate you voting for us if you’d like to help spread the word

Choosing a Python IDE – Which IDEs need covering?

My previous post on Choosing a Python IDE generated rather a lot of interest. We already have videos on PyDev, Wing, SPE, IPython and DrPython, but that only covers some of the main Python IDEs.

Both Fabio and Stani came back with updates about PyDev and SPE and there was even some discussion on ActiveState’s [...]

Jeremy Jones on ShowMeDo

“ShowMeDo is a website that hosts how-to videos. Several excellent Python videos have appeared there over the course of the year. I expect the number, and the already good quality, will continue to increase.“

Thanks Jeremy (from Jeremy Jones’ PyCon 2007 Wrapup article).

Choosing a Python IDE

Update (April 2009) – The Python Development Environments Learning Path covers all the following information and more.

[Note - Python Development Environments Part 1 and Part 2 should also be interesting to you]

Deciding on a Python IDE can take time and a lot of effort. There are lots of things to look for including good [...]

New feature – logins and sign-ups

Kyran has added a new feature to the site – now we have user-logins and sign-ups. This is the first step for us in providing you with a customisable site.

Right now, signing up will add you to the New Video Notify email list for our monthly updates. Shortly it will also allow you [...]

New Python ShowMeDos: Basic Event Handling with Tkinter

“Next I cover Event Handling and use the Label, Button and Entry (text-input) controls.” – 1 video, 10 minutes, Shawn O

New Python ShowMeDos: An Introduction to Tkinter

“In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make a simple Tkinter program, that has a window and text to display. Although not much, it is the basis for which you will build larger, better applications on.” – 1 video, 5 minutes, Shawn O

New Python ShowMeDos (German): RurPle and EasyGUI by Python Kids

“Horst teaches a German Python programmers class for children (ProfitKids.at). Here three of the kids show us how to use RurPle and EasyGUI. Do remember to leave a Thank You comment if you like their efforts!” – 3 videos, 10 minutes, Horst Jens

New Python ShowMeDo (German): Listen, Tuples, Dictionaries

“In dieser Episode geht es um Listen, Tuples und Dictionaries, also um verschiedene Arten von Sequenzen. Diese sind in der Programmierung mit Python sehr nützlich.” – 1 video, 9 minutes, Lucas Holland and Marius Meinert