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Choosing a Python IDE – Which IDEs need covering?

My previous post on Choosing a Python IDE generated rather a lot of interest. We already have videos on PyDev, Wing, SPE, IPython and DrPython, but that only covers some of the main Python IDEs.

Both Fabio and Stani came back with updates about PyDev and SPE and there was even some discussion on ActiveState’s advocacy list about a possible Komodo ShowMeDo video.

This makes me ask – what other IDEs do we need to cover? Please leave me a comment and say which IDEs you want to see and we shall work to get a new set of videos put together.

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10 comments to Choosing a Python IDE – Which IDEs need covering?

  • count0

    XCode on apple would be nice.

    There is an IDE called pyscripter on windows that was pretty neat.

  • I have used PyScripter used for about a year and like it very much. The author is very responsive.

    PyScripter is a Python IDE built in Python for Delphi(P4D) components and created with the ambition to become competitive in functionality with commercial Windows-based IDEs available for other languages. Being built in a compiled language is rather snappier than some of the other Python IDEs and provides an extensive blend of features that make it a productive Python development environment.

    Kiriakos Vlahos

    Syntax Highlighting Editor
    Brace Highlighting
    Python source code utilities ((un)tabify, (un)comment, (un)indent)
    Context sensitive help on Python keywords
    Parameterized Code Templates (Ctrl-J)
    Accept files dropped from Explorer
    File change notification
    Detecting loading/saving UTF-8 encoded files
    Converting line breaks (Windows, Unix, Mac)
    Integrated Python Interpreter
    Code Completion
    Call Tips
    Command History
    Integrated Python Debugging
    Call Stack
    Variables Window (shows interpreter globals when not debugging and Doc strings )
    Watches Window
    BreakPoints Window
    Code and debugger hints
    Editor Views
    HTML Documentation (pydoc)
    Code Explorer
    File Explorer with filter
    Easy configuration and browsing of the Python Path
    Access to Python manuals through the Help menu
    To Do List
    Find and Replace in Files
    Integrated regular expression tester
    Parameterized Code Templates
    Choice of Python version to run via command line parameters
    Run Python Script externally (highly configurable)
    External Tools (External run and capture output)
    Integration with Python tools such as PyLint, TabNanny, Profile etc.
    Powerful parameter functionality for external tool integration
    Find Procedure
    Find Definition/Find references
    Find definition by clicking and browsing history. Works on modules too.
    Modern GUI with docked forms and configurable look&feel (themes)
    Persistent configurable IDE options

  • Hieu Hoang


    I would love to see Pida demoed on ShowMeDo as well. It allows custom editors[1] as well as custom shell, browsing manpages, folders, TODO notes. There’re also support for revision control system and debugging, but I haven’t used those. Maybe someone experienced will show me more of it than I know.

    .. [1] gvim (and cream), moo, the default culebra, and someone on the google group mentioned getting emacs embedded

  • Matt

    I switched from SPE to PyScripter, which seems to be more actively developed. A review on that would be great.

  • - PIDA
    - Komodo
    - Eric3, Eric4

  • marcin

    I can recommend Eric3 as a mature, highly customisable IDE with many features (the amount of features is comparable to WingIDE and Komodo). I found it as the best tool for development of larger libraries thanks to great project management facilities. Eric is based on Qt and Scintilla editor and works really smooth in my KDE environment. http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/eric.html

  • Jerol Harrington

    I use Vim and IPython for most normal Python coding. If your fingers are fluent in Vim, it is hard to see how any text editor could be faster. I usually have both programs open in the same directory, and between them. Properly configured, they will give you most of the features of an IDE with a minimum of overhead.

    In addition to Eric and PyScripter, I would like to see a ShowMeDo on Leo. I have been experimenting with it over the last couple of weeks, and can see how it might be very useful to manage large projects. Leo is written in Python, and is primarily designed for coding in Python, but can be used for other projects as well. It uses an outline structure that is almost self-documenting. It is hard to do justice to it in a few sentences. You really need to see it in action. Even though there are some excellent tutorials, a ShowMeDo could really flatten the learning curve. Perhaps you might ask Ed Ream, the author, to contribute.

  • [...] ShowMeDo es una página web que contiene vídeotutoriales. Los hay de Python, de Java, de Blender… de muchísimas cosas. Pues en el blog de ShowMeDo hay un tema sobre algunos IDE’s para Python y los vídeos que tienen demostrando su uso, para que sea más fácil elegir con cual quedarnos. Es más: hay un segundo tema para que se pidan vídeos de otros IDEs. Por supuesto no faltan vídeos de SPE ni de Pydev [...]

  • [...] Update – I asked a few days later Which Python IDEs Need Covering and received a strong response – can anyone help us to cover these IDEs? PyDev videos: (and second set of three in paid-for Python Newbies series) a great all-round IDE, PyDev has free and paid versions, a good debugger (but you can’t alter variables whilst debugging Fabio says that from v1.2.7 you can update variables in the debugger), good support for multiple files and has some refactoring tools. I use this as one of my main IDEs. Fabio responds to emails quickly. [...]