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New ShowMeDo: OOP in der Praxis

“In dieser Episode beschäftigen wir uns mit der praktischen Umsetzund von OOP in Python.” – video here, Marius Meinert

Python Newbies on XP – Testimonials

Our Python Newbies on XP series continues to sell well, I have copied some of the recent praise for the series below. The series is coming to the end of its discounted period and the price will rise at the end of May.

If you want to buy access to all 9 episodes (1 [...]

New ShowMeDo: Introduction to Ruby VI: Debugging and Unit Testing

“This screencast shows to debug a ruby program using the standard Ruby debugger. It also shows unit testing, a very simple TCP Server, an an introduction to some Ruby/Tk code which I will develop in the next screencast. There is more than one source file for the video, so you can find the zip file, [...]

Get Going with Python (part) 3: Under the Hood – Objects and Debugging

[Update - Title changed to '(part) 3' to reflect the fact that I'm not discussing Python 3000.]

Welcome to the third part of my Get Going with Python series. Here we look “under Python’s hood” at objects and debugging.

Getting a Feel for Python
Python Development Environments (IDEs) parts 1 and 2
Python ‘under the hood’ – Objects and [...]

New ShowMeDo: Setting up iShowU for use with ShowMeDo

“In case you don’t know, iShowU is a Mac OSX application to capture screencasts in realtime. This video goes through the steps required to setup iShowU for use with ShowMeDo.” – video here, neil

New ShowMeDo: Common Part (Linux)

“In the common part, we discuss some of the basic stuff that you have to know when watching future episodes.” – video here, Lucas Holland,Marius Meinert