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First Python ShowMeDo in the wild

Woot! One of our ShowMeDos is in the wild.

Steve is our first embedder, I’d love to know who tries next!

New ShowMeDos: Jeff Rush (PSF) on screencasting for Python

Jeff Rush (Python Advocate of the Python Software Foundation) has created two new ShowMeDos talking about screencasting for Python:

These are the first episodes for his new series, he covers:

Why and How you should screencast
Screencasts for Python Advocacy
Presentation tools
Distribution (including notes about submitting to ShowMeDo)

Jeff makes the point the Python needs more videos on:

5 Minute Intros [...]

Embedding Python ShowMeDos in your own site

Now you can embed ShowMeDos in your own site with just a simple copy/paste of some HTML.

You just need to copy 10 lines of HTML onto your site and It’ll Just Work – instructions in the wiki, you can embed any of the public videos.

Pick one of our 113 Python tutorials and give it a [...]

New Python ShowMeDo: Adding Python to DOS Path

Python is not added to the DOS path by default. If you run ‘python’ from the command line you’ll receive this error message:

‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Here I show you how to add ‘;c:\python25;c:\python25\scripts’ to the System Path allowing Python to be executed from the command [...]

We’ve switched to PayPal for Commercial Series

We have upgraded our payment system to use PayPal – now purchases result in instant ownership of the video series. This applies to our two commercial series:

Python Development on XP
Python 101 – easygui and csv

We have also standardised the price to $10 for each series. If you bought the series recently at a [...]

Simple easygui Yes/No Input (boolbox)

Simple Yes/No queries give us a simple way of asking the user for confirmation. Stephen Ferg’s easygui makes this easy with the ynbox. No other modules are needed, easygui is cross-platform. This follows-on from the enterbox and fileopenbox examples.

This code:
import easygui
result = easygui.ynbox(message = “Do you want to continue?”, title = “Continue?”)
# [...]

Author Horst Jens in Python Papers

Horst Jens’ three Python Kids are discussed in ‘Python for Kids’ in this month’s Python Papers.

The article covers PyDoc, EasyGUI, DrPython and RUR-PLE. Python Papers editor Tennessee Leeuwenburg has authored the piece in Volume 2 Issue 2 (html version)

Writes Tennessee Leeuwenburg:

“The use of Python in education is clearly a significant topic in its own [...]

Simple easygui User Input (enterbox)

Following on from the fileopenbox example I’ll show you how to replace raw_input with an input-dialog in 2 lines of Python, using Stephen Ferg’s easygui module. No other modules are needed, easygui is cross-platform.

Text-input box with a default string:
import easygui
result = easygui.enterbox(message=”Enter your name”, title=”Name query”, argDefaultText=”Ian Ozsvald”)

Anything the user types in is returned [...]

New ShowMeDos – JavaScript, Subversion, Firefox

We have 3 new series:

JavaScript Slide Show by Don Fykes
Episode 1 – The transition from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox by Marty Johnson
Software Carpentry – Version Control with Subversion by Chris Lasher

Please give encouragement to our authors by saying Thanks if you like their efforts.

Video feed: Keep track of all our latest videos using our [...]

New ShowMeDos – Ubuntu, Thunderbird

Lucas and Marius are adding new videos to their Beginning GNU/Linux with Ubuntu and Being Productive with Mozilla Thunderbird series.

Do please give them encouragement and let them know if the videos are useful.

Video feed: Keep track of all our latest videos using our latest-videos feed.

Comment feed: Follow conversations with our new-comments feed.

Simple easygui File Dialogs

Did you know that you can have a file-open or -save dialog in just 2 lines of Python? Stephen Ferg’s excellent easygui module makes it possible. No other modules are needed, easygui is cross-platform. See also the enterbox example.

Two lines of code:

import easygui
fileNameAndPath = easygui.fileopenbox(title = “Choose your file”, argInitialFile = [...]

Request for Reviewers

We are looking for reviewers for our first two commercial ShowMeDo series. Both series are aimed at new Python coders and show everything needed to learn new Python skills.

One series shows how to write a complete application from scratch and the other shows three ways to develop code (PyDev, IDLE, text-editor) on Windows. [...]

Optimising Genshi Imports

We’ve just moved from Kid templates to Genshi (v0.4). Kyran’s first approach was to put all the helper div-functions into one of two separate (big) Genshi files to simplify the translation process.

We had several of these files, each about 10k in size, each imported into every main Genshi template.

This approach made it easy for [...]

Speed-testing Genshi pages for optimisation

To optimise some of our slower Genshi pages (e.g. this one) I needed a reliable way of extracting render-times from different sections of the templates. Python’s datetime module came to the rescue.

Below is a snippet of a Genshi template showing how I embedded calls to datetime and how I rendered the time-differences in the [...]

ShowMeDo RSS Feeds

We have just implemented the first round of RSS feeds for ShowMeDo (using the very simple TurboGears FeedController). This feature is about a year overdue…if only I’d known it was so straight-forward. Look for the big RSS icons in the site.

The latest-video feed is tag-based so to track the latest Python videos subscribe [...]

SQLObject 0.8.4 with TurboGears 1.0.1

We wanted to move to SQLObject 0.8.4 from 0.7.7 (bugfix branch) as it handles more MySQL errors.

I couldn’t find documentation saying that the transition would be ok (TG is setup to use the 0.7 branch). Easy_install was great and the switch works just fine. Maybe this post will save someone else a bit [...]

Learn GUI and File-Handling techniques

This is our second in-depth pay-to-own video series for Python Programming, aimed at new-to-intermediate Python programmers (the first was our Python Newbies series).

Python 101 – easygui and csv is a fully worked series lasting 1 hour 20 minutes which shows you how to write a simple user-interface, process files and use Test-Driven Development. [...]

New ShowMeDo: Practical Episode – User Interface Basics

“In this episode, you’ll learn the basics of working with Ubuntu’s (GNOME) user interface.” – video here, Lucas Holland

New ShowMeDo: Addons

“This episode includes an introduction to addons in mozilla programs. I also show you 2 Extensions, that I’m using: Adblock Plus and Minimize to tray.” – video here, Lucas Holland,Marius Meinert