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Simple easygui File Dialogs

Did you know that you can have a file-open or -save dialog in just 2 lines of Python? Stephen Ferg’s excellent easygui module makes it possible. No other modules are needed, easygui is cross-platform. See also the enterbox example.

Two lines of code:

import easygui
fileNameAndPath = easygui.fileopenbox(title = "Choose your file", argInitialFile = "*.txt")

Resulting dialog with a custom title and a ‘*.txt’ file filter:

Full code:

# fileopenbox example, 20070619 Ian Ozsvald
# documentation from: http://www.ferg.org/easygui/easygui.txt
# For file-opening:
# fileopenbox(title=None, argInitialFile=None):
# For file-saving:
# filesavebox(title=None, argInitialFile=None)
import easygui
fileNameAndPath = easygui.fileopenbox(title = "Choose your file", argInitialFile = "*.txt")
# fileNameAndPath will look like
# 'C:/easygui/someDocument.txt'
# if the user selects a file
# or None if the user presses Cancel
print fileNameAndPath

To see easygui’s fileopenbox, filesavebox, choicebox, enterbox and ynbox in action and learn how to write a Python program from scratch, visit: Python 101 – easygui and csv.

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