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Siddhi’s Django video in the weekly round-up

Congratulations to Siddhi for his Django wiki video and getting it listed on the Django weekly round-up:

“Siddharta Govindaraj has recorded an excellent screencast and posted it on ShowMeDo that illustrates how a relatively inexperienced Django programmer can create a basic Wiki application in 20 minutes.”

I have my fingers crossed that we see Part II some [...]

ShowMeDo: The ‘IPython’ Interactive Shell – Part 5

A usage walkthru (part 5) showing the use of the enhanced interactive shell named IPython.
Divided into five parts, this talk in the series will cover session input filtering using an example of physics units for value representation, and support for data visualization using matplotlib.

Create your own Python videos? You’ll find instructions here for how [...]

ShowMeDo: The ‘IPython’ Interactive Shell – Parts 3 and 4

A usage walkthru (part3, part4) showing the use of the enhanced interactive shell named IPython.
Divided into five parts, these talks in the series will cover input and output history caching, viewing and editing Python source and the logging of your session, debugging and profiling your code, then look at executing long-running callables in background threads [...]

ShowMeDo: The ‘IPython’ Interactive Shell – Parts 1 and 2

A usage walkthru (part 1, part 2) showing the use of the enhanced interactive shell named IPython.

Divided into five parts, these talks in the series will cover tab completion, namespace management, logging, the help system and introspection, navigation, system shell commands and the running of Python programs.

Create your own Python videos? You’ll find instructions [...]

ShowMeDo: Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 minutes (1 video)

In this tutorial, I introduce the basics of Django by walking you through the development of a simple wiki application.

We’ll see how you can design your URLs, interact with the database and use the Django template library. As an added bonus, we’ll also include support for editing pages using Markdown syntax.

Create your own Python videos? [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘Python for Math Teachers’ Working with Stickworks (1 video)

Kirby’s fifth video is Working with Stickworks:

“Here’s a Python module you might want to use in your math classes. It works with VPython to provide simple vector graphics, as well as plotting capabilities. Students wouldn’t just use the module, they’d study the source code to gain a stronger understanding of the math concepts involved (“math [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘Python for Math Teachers’ A First Look at RSA (1 video)

Kirby’s fourth video is A First Look at RSA:

“Building on some ideas introduced earlier in this series, this easygoing lecture takes a somewhat rambling approach to a rather difficult math topic. This is background for math teachers intending to use Python as a vehicle for exploring math concepts interactively, in a hands-on setting.”

Create your own [...]

Compiling ffmpeg on RedHat

Most of the instructions needed to compile ffmpeg on RedHat are here and here. This builds upon my previous post Compiling LAME on RedHat.

[Includes update below for libfaac/libfaad]

Following these I first tried:

./configure –disable-debug –disable-network –disable-ffserver –disable-ffplay –enable-libmp3lame –enable-gpl –enable-shared –log=log.txt

but I received the following error:

ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: libavformat.so.51: cannot open [...]

Compiling LAME on RedHat

LAME (also known as libmp3lame) is a GPL library for mp3 encoding and decoding. It is used by ffmpeg to generate the FLV files which we use in ShowMeDo.

The follow-on to this article is Compiling ffmpeg on RedHat.

Compiling LAME is fairly straight-forward if your environment is already configured, but that wasn’t as obvious as [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘Python for Math Teachers’ – Subclassing for Beginners (1 video)

Kirby’s third video is Subclassing for Beginners in his Python for Math Teachers series:

“Let’s define a simple Dog class and show how we make instances (dogs). Then let’s add a stomach attribute so our dogs can eat and poop (kids love scatology). It’s a dog eat dog world! Then we refactor the code to show [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘5 Minutes with Python’ – First 5 Minutes with Python (1 video)

I have created a third video for our new 5 Minutes with Python series. My First 5 Minutes with Python talks about how:

“I’m often asked ‘what are the resources and tutorials like for Python?’ so here I try to answer the questions you might ask in your first 5 minutes with Python.”

Add to this [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘5 Minutes with Python’ – ReStructuredText (1 video)

Jeff Rush (PSF) has a second video in our new 5 Minutes with Python series. A Demonstration of ReStructuredText gives:

“A quick look at a style of marking up plaintext called “ReStructuredText” with hotkeys from the Emacs text editor to view the result as HTML, PDF and slides.”

If you want to embed this video on [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘Python for Math Teachers’ – Getting Started, Looking Ahead (2 videos)

Kirby Urner has started a new Python series entitled Python for Math Teachers. Kirby’s first video is Getting Started:

“Let’s use IDLE to define a few functions, including the Euclid’s Algorithm for the GCD. Atop the GCD we’ll build other functions for listing totatives of N (positives relatively prime to N) and the totient of [...]

ShowMeDo: ‘5 Minutes with Python’ – IPython (1 video)

We’re excited to say that we are working on a new video series entitled 5 Minutes with Python – 5 minute videos that demonstrate the range of what can be achieved with Python.

Jeff Rush (PSF) is adding videos to the series, the first is Python and the Interactive Shell ‘IPython’:

“A brief introduction to the enhanced [...]

New site deployed

New additions:

A more dynamic front-page with summaries and RSS feeds for new videos, comments and votes.
Updated sidebars on the left (needs a hard-refresh of your cached CSS, used Ctrl-F5).

I also have a few more tutorial videos to publish this afternoon.