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Siddhi’s Django Wiki in 20 Minutes – Wins prize for most popular tutorial this month

[Update Jeff Rush has blogged about this on the Python Advocacy blog]

Siddhi’s Create a Django Wiki in 20 Minutes wins our monthly competition for the most popular video on ShowMeDo. His video has been played 1,851 times in the last month. Well done Siddhi! Prize: a £20 (UK) Amazon voucher.

Our Most Popular [...]

Productive in 10 minutes with TurboGears and Python 2.5

Installing a fresh TurboGears 1.0.3 on a clean Python 2.5 (Windows) install took less than 10 minutes last night. A moment later I had our latest Subversion source tree downloaded and running on the machine. Productivity in just 10 minutes – woot!

Kyran and I are working on the new arm of ShowMeDo. [...]

New ShowMeDo: Python and the Image Manipulation Library (PIL)

Jeff Rush adds another episode to the 5 Minutes with Python series:

“A slideshow overview of the features of the widely used 2-d image manipulation package for Python named ‘PIL’, providing for the viewing, copying, printing, filtering and transformation of images, including palette manipulation, pixel filtering and multipage animations.”

These ‘5 Minutes’ videos will appear on the [...]

SEO gains for all our tutorials

Continuing my previous two SEO posts, here I chart our continued climb up the Google rankings now that I’m actively working to improve our search-engine-friendliness. I show the current rank and the (last recorded rank).

The simple answer is that we’re now on the 2nd or 3rd page for many significant search terms, up from [...]

PythonCard for easy GUI programming (9 videos)

Dennis Daniels shows you how to build a GUI with PythonCard in this 9-part python programming series. PythonCard is built from wxPython.

Dennis runs through the documentation as he configures his system, configures paths so he can use the PythonCard Editor and then goes on to test PythonCard.

Next he uses dialogs, skins [...]

SEO – some gains overnight

A quick check over-night shows some interesting changes. My post talking about the ‘Python(145)’ tag now appears as the number 1 result for ‘python(145)’ – amusing!

More importantly, even just overnight we have gained a few places on some of our terms:

“learning python” rank: 473 (hadn’t recorded it before)
“programming python” rank: 82 (hadn’t recorded it [...]

ShowMeDo SEO

For a long time we have wondered why we didn’t see much search traffic – most of our 1,000 a day visitors come via hard-links. 65% of visitors come from referring sites, 21% via direct traffic and just 14% via search engines (source: Google Analytics).

I spoke with an SEO friend (Robin), it seems we’re [...]

5 Minutes with Python @ python.org

Jeff Rush has posted our new 5 Minutes with Python series at python.org under the new Audio/Visual Documentation section.

The A/V section also links to Ron Stephens’ excellent Python 411 podcast series, Python Best Tech Videos (showing several ShowMeDos) and Python videos at Google Video.

Currently Jeff links to:

First 5 Minutes with Python (by me)
Python and the [...]

Forum is Dead – long live the Google Group

It seems pretty obvious that the forum has never worked – in 16 months we had 179 posts by 103 users (and countless spambot sign-up attempts).

However, we hardly lack interested users. We have almost 2,000 users on our irregular-update mail list and around 1,000 visitors per day.

Clearly it is time to try a new [...]