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New ShowMeDo: Wing Pro v3 (Part 2 of 2)

The second walk-through showing Wingware’s latest Wing IDE v3 Pro in action is available in ShowMeDo:

In this episode I show you how to debug an application and write new code whilst debugging the currently running process. Topics covered:

The Exception tool
Conditional Breakpoints
Debug I/O window
Debug Probe
Looking at variables inside a live process (Debug [...]

New ShowMeDo: Wing Pro v3 (Part 1 of 2)

See Wingware’s latest IDE – Wing Pro v3 – in action in the first of two introductory screencasts.

Here I show you how to start coding and navigating to help you answer the question ‘How can Wing help me with my Python development?’.

Topics covered:

Display customisation – visual theme, keyboard personality, toolbar
Auto-complete with tab
Source Assistant for [...]

Clearer message and Statistics for our Services arm

I’m pleased to say that we’re clarifying our message for our professional screencasting services on our ShowMeDo Services website.

We know now that one of our clear advantages is that we have great expertise at making screencasts for product demonstrations, marketing and technical support. I have changed the format of our Services page to [...]

New videos: Scribus, Inkscape, C tutorial

Dai just keeps on adding more great Scribus tutorial videos to the site.  Heathenx has joined us and is building up a great set of Inkscape tutorial videos in the Graphics section (e.g. this one on creating a globe in Inkscape).

Gasto is our newest author and he has started work on a C video tutorial [...]

Public interest in professional screencast production

Interestingly I’m getting some public interest now for professional screencast production via our ShowMeDo Services site. (please see ProCasts, this replaces ShowMeDo’s Services arm).

People seem to be coming through from google with terms like ’screencasting service’ and ’screencast production’ and given the evidence from ShowMeDo that I can produce clear and informative screencasts – we’re [...]

Compiling FAAD and FAAC (libfaad/libfaac) on RedHat

I wanted to extend the range of videos that we can accept inside ShowMeDo’s uploader/processor, in particular several users have uploaded mp4 video and mp4a audio which our ffmpeg didn’t understand.

To enable mp4a decoding I needed to compile libfaad/libfaac on our RedHat box, here are the instructions. Note that libfaac is required – I [...]

SQLObject Performance Guide

John has written a useful SQLObject Performance Guide which I’ve just used to optimise ShowMeDo’s database usage.

SQLObject was the default for TurboGears when we started. Understanding what goes on under the hood is essential to making it perform well.

John uses examples to discuss:

Query logging (debug=True)
SQLRelatedJoin vs RelatedJoin (and MultipleJoins)
Lazy vs ‘normal’ db access