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Compiling FAAD and FAAC (libfaad/libfaac) on RedHat

I wanted to extend the range of videos that we can accept inside ShowMeDo’s uploader/processor, in particular several users have uploaded mp4 video and mp4a audio which our ffmpeg didn’t understand.

To enable mp4a decoding I needed to compile libfaad/libfaac on our RedHat box, here are the instructions. Note that libfaac is required – I tried it without and mp4a wasn’t in the list of codecs (ffmpeg -formats). See e.g. this forum post.

This builds upon my Compiling LAME on RedHat and Compiling ffmpeg on RedHat articles.

libfaad is a part of the open-source FAAC project (wikipedia) – the ‘c’ is the encoder, the ‘d’ is the decoder. First I fetched faad2-src from sourceforge.

Using the existing ~/tmp directory I exported it again for this session:

export TMPDIR=~/tmp

and then ran:

autoreconf -vif
./configure --with-mp4v2 --prefix=$HOME
make install

Afterwards my ~/lib contained libfaad.a/.so etc.

Next I fetched faac-src and used:

./configure --with-mp4v2 --prefix=$HOME
make install

and the result was libfaac in ~/lib.

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