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ShowMeDo teaches Python from February 9th

Do you want to learn to program Python and use tools like wxPython, pyWin32 and Django?

At ShowMeDo we’re about to introduce subscriber-only tutorials in addition to all our free tutorial videos. Subscribers get access to freshly produced series aimed directly at new Python programmers who want to learn more. Become a Member to [...]

Growth in Python Project Popularity

I’ve been wondering how many downloads the popular Python projects receive. The Python wiki’s MostPopularPythonProjects page is out of date – from 2004 (and annoyingly I can’t log in to edit it).

I followed up on the project links and have new download statistics. Each project is hosted at SourceForge, the numerical link goes to [...]

New ShowMeDo Series: Developing emol (includes wxPython and pyOpenGL)

Want to see a new Python 3D application being built from the ground-up? Erik Thompson is creating a series called Developing emol! which will be a 3D viewer for molecules:

So far he has covered Use Cases, installing wxPython and pyOpenGL and now he is showing how to develop example openGL code with [...]

New ShowMeDos: Crunchy (Python in a browser)

Interested in seeing Python run inside Firefox? André Roberge has created 3 screencasts which show his Crunchy running inside Firefox:

The demos show different Python interpreters running in Firefox, Crunchy interacting with the official Python tutorial webpages, writing live Python code in the browser, drawing, animation, matplotlib, doctests and a beautiful Python editor…all [...]

New ShowMeDo: Jython First Impressions

Would you like to see Jython in action? David Fung has created a short video which compares Python and Jython at the command line:

David even shows you how to interactively develop a GUI using Java’s Swing.

If you like David’s video then please do leave him a comment thanking him and saying what [...]