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ShowMeDo teaches Python from February 9th

Do you want to learn to program Python and use tools like wxPython, pyWin32 and Django?

At ShowMeDo we’re about to introduce subscriber-only tutorials in addition to all our free tutorial videos. Subscribers get access to freshly produced series aimed directly at new Python programmers who want to learn more. Become a Member to be kept informed.

We remember going through the process of figuring out which tools to use, how to be Pythonic (rather than program as if using C++ or Java!) and which modules needed to be learnt. It took time! We’re now distilling that knowledge so you can short-circuit the learning process.

During February we will introduce our new Subscription system. Everything else at ShowMeDo is the same – over 130 free Python programming tutorials (450 free tutorials in total) from 70 authors with more to come. The Subscription system is an added extra for those who want to learn more about Python.

Every month we’ll launch new videos just for subscribers. Subscribers will be encouraged to tell us what they want to learn and we’ll do our best to deliver. The videos will be a mix of:

  • Worked examples (e.g. building a useful wxPython GUI)
  • Challenges based on recent lessons
  • Theoretical lessons (e.g. the core Python language)
  • Overviews of great tools (e.g. using IDEs and source-code-control systems)

Offer: Everyone who is a registered Member before we launch on February 9th will be offered a discounted Subscription. Registration has no downsides and takes just a few moments.

Privacy note – you’ll receive 1 Update email roughly every month and you can opt-out at any time. We don’t share your email with anyone. The Update mails will contain details about the Subscription offer and lists our latest videos and news.

To learn more either join us in our Google Group or mail us directly (ian AT showmedo.com).

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