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Using wx.Image & wx.StaticBitmap

Now we actually load and display an Image! We use a wx.Image which reads a graphic image from our hard-drive.

First we show the image’s dimensions in the status-bar using .SetStatusText(…). Next we use the new ShowBitmap(self) function to convert the Image to a wx.StaticBitmap which is shown inside the Panel. We ask the Frame to [...]

wx.FileDialog and CreateStatusBar for our wx Image Viewer

In the fifth episode of our wxPython Image Viewer tutorial we look at creating a wx.FileDialog() File-Opener followed by using Frame.CreateStatusBar() to add a 2-column status bar to the Frame. We’re now half-way through the series, soon we’ll be displaying an image and testing your skills with some exercises.

This is one of our Club [...]

Menus and Binding for wxPython Image Viewer

The fourth episode of the wxPython Image Viewer tutorial – Add Menus, wx Ids, Binding – has just been published. This is one of our subscriber-only Python tutorials which builds upon Kyran’s original free wxPython tutorial.

In this episode we add a MenuBar and Menu items to the skeleton application. Since Menus force us to [...]

New Django Videos at ShowMeDo

We have new Django videos at ShowMeDo – ‘Empty‘ (Michael Trier) has a 7-part series on the Django syndication framework, management, NewForms, URL mapping and application settings.

Siddhi has extended his super-popular Create a Wiki in 20 minutes series with a 3rd entry on Adding tags to the wiki.

These videos can be seen in our Django [...]

Build a wxPython Image Viewer

The first episodes for our Build a wxPython Image Viewer series are ready with more episodes to follow over the coming weeks. In total we will have 10 episodes which walk you through building the Image Viewer from scratch, including the skeleton code you need to develop your own wxPython applications.

The series is aimed [...]

ShowMeDo is Teaching Python

Last weekend we opened Club ShowMeDo for new Python programmers. This week we begin publishing our first new series – building a wxPython Image Viewer in very simple steps, aimed at new wxPython programmers. The series will assume some prior Python knowledge and no prior wxPython knowledge.

We’ll release a few episodes each week [...]