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Starting with twill, nosetests and easy_install

Many people have asked for help on installing the excellent nosetests tool so I decided to record a few short screencasts on installing easy_install, installing nosetests and installing twill.

To show twill in action I have started work on a subscriber-only series which teaches the viewer how to test a website using twill and nosetests. [...]

Exercise and Solution 2 – Adding the About box and using HTML in wxPython

The second exercise (with solution) in the wxPython Image Viewer tutorial gets you to use the HtmlWindow in a custom Dialog to add an About box to the Help menu.

In Exercise – Add an HTML About Dialog to the Help Menu I show you the basic code for an inherited wx Dialog along with the [...]

ShowMeDo March Update – Python Subscriptions going great, VoIP conference tonight

[This is a re-print of the monthly Update Email that is sent to all of our Members]

wxPython Videos Hit the Spot:

I’m really rather pleased to say that our Subscriber series on building a wxPython Image Viewer has been going down a storm and we’ve received a heap of great feedback.

The series will have 14 episodes [...]

Solution 1 – Walk-through of adding the Mirror Image wxPython function

In a follow-up to the last blog post (Exercise 1) I now walk through the solution. In this episode we add a menu item to our wxPython GUI which mirrors the image on the x-axis.

In the next 4 episodes we add an HTML-based About box and the week after we’ll finish with a Splash [...]

Exercise 1 for the wxPython Image Viewer – adding a Mirror function

So far I’ve shown you how to build a wxPython-based Image Viewer through almost an hour of video. You’ll get a lot more from the series of course if you’re forced to work through some exercises – so here’s the first. In this episode I talk you through adding a Mirror function that [...]

Building a wxPython Image Viewer – 8th episode

For the 8th episode in the series we look at Avoiding wx Memory Leaks with .Destroy() to teach some good programming practice.

In the previous episode we created a memory leak by adding new StaticBitmaps to a Panel without removing the previous StaticBitmap. The Panel keeps track of a growing list of StaticBitmaps which we don’t [...]