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Neue Serie: Programmierung mit Python

Marius und ich haben die ersten beiden Videos einer neuen Videoserie online gestellt. Es handelt sich bei dieser Serie um “Programmierung mit Python“. Sie knüpft direkt an unsere Einsteigerserie an und soll den Schritt vom Beherrschen der theoretischen Grundlagen zum Schreiben praktischer Programme erleichtern. Dazu werden wir in jeder Episode ein kleines Programm schreiben, das [...]

ShowMeDo on the web

We’ve had two great mentions in the last few days. The first was by Og Macial who posted after buying a Club subscription to learn Python:

Today I subscribed to ShowMeDo, a web site dedicated to providing tutorials in the format of screencasts. The tutorials cover many programming topics with Python being the one that [...]

Ubuntu UK Podcast interviews ShowMeDo

I was very happy to accept an invite from Alan Pope of the Ubuntu UK Screencasting team last weekend to do an interview for their monthly podcast (ogg/mp3s here).

We spoke about many topics including why Kyran and I started the site, our 50 Ubuntu screencasts and how easy it is to make screencasts for ShowMeDo.

Tony’s [...]

COM and Python with pyWin32

My pyWin32 tutorial series is now finished. Six screencasts lasting 30 minutes take you through:

Talking to Excel with pyWin32
Tip – Cleanly Quit Excel and del the local reference
Quick Graphing via Excel
Using Excel for Input
A COM Server in Python in 20 Lines

This series is a part of Club ShowMeDo which contains specially recorded Python training [...]

Introduction to Python web-programming: CGI

Web-programming is a pretty big topic. Complex web-apps might require the knowledge of SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS as well as a language like Python. It can be quite overwhelming. There are many frameworks that will help you handle this complexity (e.g. Django, Turbogears or Pylons), but if you don’t know roughly what [...]

(perhaps) First public speech about ShowMeDo in Austria

I gave a lightning talk yesterday night at the 2-years birthday party of Metalab in Vienna, Austra.

I was talking about the ShowMeDo videos I did in Metalab and about the (not yet published) first Python xturtle-video-tutorial in Catalan language.

The audience were more interested in beginning the birthday party, chatting and drinking beer (I shared this [...]

OpenStreet Map videos

Steve has built a series of 6 videos for OpenStreetMap. He covers:

OpenStreetMap introduction A introduction to using and getting started with OpenStreetMap.
Potlatch introduction A introduction to the openstreetmap.org online Flash-based editor, potlatch.
GPSBabel How to use GPS babel on a mac to get data off of your GPS and in to GPX. Some applicability to [...]

xturtle, random und genetischer Algorithmus (Python screencasts)

Felix schaber and Horst Jens are building a series on using Genetic Algorithms with Python and xturtle to breed interesting pictures.  The title is Python: xturtle, random und genetischer Algorithmus.

The series is in German (with English subtitles) and builds upon a previous series:

dies ist die deutsche Übersetzung der [...]

Using pyWin32 with Excel

I’ve started another Club series to show you how to use pyWin32 on Windows to talk to COM-aware applications like Excel.

Personally I’ve used Excel as a simple charting tool for quick science research. I figured that several screencasts on this leading to the creation of a Python COM server would make for a good [...]

ShowMeDo April Update

[This is a re-print of the monthly Update Email that is sent to all of our Members]

The biggest change you might notice right now is that we’ve added a statement-of-purpose to our frontpage:
which says that ShowMeDo is focusing on Free & Open-Source software.

Here’s a part of it:
“We’re here to help address the need for good [...]