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Google App Engine videos coming to ShowMeDo (also wx+DB videos)

Kyran is working on a Google App Engine series for ShowMeDo, the first episodes should be up over the next few days.  They’ll teach a new user how to write their first GAE app.

This series will be a part of our Club (which pays for our time to make the videos) and it builds on [...]

C tutorial video series.

I planned on making a long series of videos for the C language (see “C programming tutorial“) because ShowMeDo, the best site for educational screencasts (no advertisement intended) lacked C screencasts. Also C is great for starting in a good position(not too high-level, not too low) as a programmer.

This series is a very informal introduction [...]

Draft ‘Starting with Python’ guide in ShowMeDo

For a while I’ve been mulling adding text-only tutorials to ShowMeDo – basically a regular video page sans the video-box. By adding Guides we can write short tutorials which help to connect our video series together and also link to external tutorials.

The first Guide is Starting with Python:

Installing Python
Language overview
Writing your first program
Learn Python [...]