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Python from zero, new ShowMeDo series

Gasto has created a neat two-part set entitled Python from Zero, as he describes it:

“Have you ever been frustrated with all the compiling process, and wished that it [all] just magically appeared after a pair of seconds of thinking of a feature.  Learn python, you will not regret it. You’ll be surprised how easy it [...]

“Your Pythonic Math Class of the Future”, Chicago PyCon screencast

Kirby Urner has added a 6th screencast on Python Math in Education, the latest is a presentation from Chicago Pycon 2008.  His series is Python for Math Teachers:

Getting Started
Looking Ahead
Subclassing for Beginners
A First Look at RSA
Working with Stickworks
Chicago Pycon 2008

These videos are a part of the 330 Python tutorial screencasts in ShowMeDo, many are [...]

New Club Series for Python Beginners – Loops and Iteration

We have another new Club series aimed at Python Beginner/Intermediate programmers.  Loops and Iteration builds upon the previous recent series (Common Variables and Containers and ‘What Does Python Look Like?‘) to show you the normal looping and iteration techniques that you’ll use in Python.

The first 4 of 7 episodes are published, the other 3 will [...]

XMLRPC and unit-testing screencasts by Florian Mayer

Florian Mayer has posted two useful screencasts.  First he talks about Basic Unit-testing with Python.  In this screencast he shows you the basics of using the unittest module.  The style is a split-screen session so you can see the code and the test-code at the same time.

Secondly Florian talks about Calling functions on a server [...]

New Club series for Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers

I’m rather excited to announce this new and rather long Club ShowMeDo series called Common Variables and Containers.  It is aimed at new/intermediate Python users and builds upon the previous ‘What Does Python Look Like?‘ series.

In 14 episodes I introduce the user to all the common Python datatypes and containers.  This includes showing common usage [...]

Agile development tool screencasts

percious posts two screencasts showing agile development tools in Python.  In the first he shows VirtualEnv and PasteScript,  VirtualEnv is a ‘virtual Python environment builder’, PasteScript is a ‘pluggable command-line frontend, including commands to setup package file layouts’.

“Very nice. I’ve been meaning to use virtualenv for some of my projects now. Looks very simple to [...]

TurboGears 2 Installation Screencast

percious has posted a neat 8 minute screencast showing the TurboGears 2 installation process. TG2 is still very much in beta and this screencast helps make the installation process so much easier.

The description reads “This video shows how one might get up and running using TurboGears2. We start by creating a virtual environment (virtualenv) [and [...]

“What does Python look like?” series finished in Club ShowMeDo

The recent Python Beginners series named What Does Python Look Like? is finished, all 6 episodes are up.

“Thank you for this resource. I appreciate your efforts to help others.”

Here’s the layout for the series:

3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?) (Free)
Variables and Naming
Write and Run (and Unit Tests), No Compiling
Indentation and Colons
Loops and [...]