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New series – Agile Python+Pylons to build pySvnManager

Jiang Xin has authored a new 7-part series on using agile techniques, with the pylons framework, to build an SVN authz management tool called pySvnManager.

His series of screencasts take you through the problem, using test-driven development (TDD), unit testing and building an app using the pylons framework:

  1. Background and deployment of pySvnManager
  2. TDD for model development.
  3. Code coverage and final pySvnManager model usage.
  4. Create web application using pylons framework
  5. View, controller and webpage design.
  6. Web app authentication and unittest
  7. Application configuration and make packages

These videos are a part of the 330 Python tutorial screencasts in ShowMeDo, many are produced by our open-source users.  Each contributor gets free access to Club ShowMeDo’s extra Python tutorials.

Recent Club videos include Python Web Programming, a friendly introduction to the Google App EnginePython Beginners – Loops and Iteration and Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers.

Recent free videos include Making a Django Dev Environment, TurboGears 2, Agile Python Development and Python for Math Education.

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