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‘How I Screencast’ by Florian

Florian, one of our authors, has written a blog on how ‘How I do my screencasts‘.

“…I log into my tutorial account and start making the screencast, with recording on. It has to be noted that I have no second monitor showing me the code I am supposed to write, so I pretty much write it [...]

“Batteries Included” Python beginner Club series now finished

Lucas’ Club series for Python beginners which introduces the Python standard library is now complete.

Batteries Included – The Python Standard Library has 9 episodes for Club-subscribers which introduce the core elements of file-system access, using the shell, regular expressions, math, dates and talking to websites.

“I will thank you for getting this in-depth basic explanation of [...]

“An Introduction to Vim Macros” screencast series

Justin Lilly has created a 3-part series on using Vim macros, Vim is a powerful editor that has a bit of a learning curve.

“Thanks! Learning by looking over the shoulder is really a great addition to the help files.”

Screencasts make it easier to see what’s going on for the new user:

An Introduction to Vim Macros
Vim [...]

New Django Screencasts in time for v1 release

We’ve got new Django screencasts (30 to date), first Eric Holscher has added 4 videos on Debugging Django covering the Django error page, logging, pdb in Django and unit tests.

“Wow! I had no idea Django could do that. Suffering from some serious envy right here. Very, very good screencast. Pacing, structure, content all top notch. [...]

“Searching the Python Bug Tracker” screencast

Andrew Kuchling has created a screencast on Searching the Python Bug Tracker which describes how you can search for bugs in the Python bug tracker.

Searching for bugs helps you figure out if you’ve found a problem with Python rather than in your own code.  Filing bugs is an important way you can help to make [...]

“Python Beginners – Loops and Iteration” – Club Series fully published

I’m happy to say that I’ve just published the last three episodes for Python Beginners – Loops and Iteration.  This is another of our Club ShowMeDo Python Beginners series aimed at new Python programmers, it takes you through looping and iteration techniques.

By the end of the series you’ll be able to read other people’s Python [...]