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Python Beginners – ‘if, else, elif’ Introduction

We’ve just published another series aimed at Python Beginners – “the ‘if’ statement” introduces the ‘if’ statement to new programmers, along with ‘else’ and ‘elif’.

The series is short – just two episodes lasting for 14 minutes.  If you’re new to Python and you want to learn how it works, our Club series are just for [...]

ShowMeDo is on Twitter

If you’re a twitter user, we’re now announcing our open-source tutorial screencasts at http://twitter.com/showmedo.  This will include all the Python videos, along with Inkscape, GIMP and everything else.

Twitter makes it easier to push out lite announces rather than writing longer blog posts on ShowMeDo’s regular blog (though of course we’re still blogging, but just as [...]