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A Wing, a Prayer, and the Ol’ Big G

Fresh from bemoaning increasing Google intrusiveness , here’s a little tale to warm the cockles.  Showmedo’s email wented AWOL today, cue five hours of so of adrenaline-fueled panic.  A few hundred forum-trawls later, it turns out that our server-host has a bit of previous on the old email-front, as a stereotypical UK policeman might observe [...]

Boa-Constructor (WxPython GUI-builder) Video Series

There are precious few open-source (OS) GUI builders of any repute but the lack is sorely felt in the WxPython world. WxGlade is a fine tool  if you like, as I do, it’s minimalist approach, but it is best for fairly small projects. When programming in the C++ WxWidgets I was impressed by the DialogBlocks [...]

A Sting in the Tale

I just caught a very cool example of what some people are doing with javascript these days. A little molecule-builder, it’s impressive and fun at the same time:

check out Molecools

Now that was fun, and note the example molecule, Ethanol. As an aside, the simulator is pretty crude so there’s no valency-counting or any of the [...]

Python 3 Videos

In a trickle sure to become a flood, we are starting to receive some videos demonstrating Python 3 and its differences from the 2.3–2.6 family. Exciting time for all Pythonistas, but it will take a while before Py3k is the first Python of choice. But watch these and the others to come if you want [...]

A Special Mention

Erik Thompson continues his huge series ‘Developing Emol’ which follows his creation of a 3D molecule viewer using Python and WxPython, the Python GUI-building library. Erik has really created something special here, and it’s my own personal favourite Showmedo series. He covers quite comprehansively the creation of a useful and very cool piece of software. [...]

New Videorama

Things are starting to settle with the new site and new-server teething problems, so some new video announcements are long overdue. I’ll deal here with the non-python contributions:

First up we have atlef’s videos, showing how to perform a minimal Ubuntu install.
Neil Dickenson continues his justifiably popular and really rather wonderful Introduction to Assembley Language.
Steve’s extends [...]

Showmedo Relaunching

Frantic scenes aboard the SS Showmedo as we move to a new server and introduce a much-changed site. According to google analytics about one third of our regular audience are currently lost in cyberspace as various DNS caches around the globe send them off to the old site or some weird fusion of old and [...]

UK Government Turns To Open Source

Given the UK government’s historic love of all software solutions proprietary,  the news that Open Source solutions are now to be actively sought for and encouraged is significant indeed.  Possible reasons for this volt-face are the collapse of more than a few high profile proprietary IT projects and a general need for belt-tightening as the [...]

Who Blogs the Blogmen?

Blogging about our freshly themed, recently resuscitated blog seems more than a tad redundant but it has been poorly and someone has to announce its recovery. It should look more at home with the new Showmedo site, courtesy of some wordpress-theme-fuery, which turned out to be slightly less painful than all that but which will [...]

ShowMeDo up and running on new server

This is a test message that confirms that the blog is working.  ShowMeDo.com came up on a new server a week back, we’re still configuring a few parts and expect full service over the next week.