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A Wing, a Prayer, and the Ol’ Big G

Fresh from bemoaning increasing Google intrusiveness , here’s a little tale to warm the cockles.  Showmedo’s email wented AWOL today, cue five hours of so of adrenaline-fueled panic.  A few hundred forum-trawls later, it turns out that our server-host has a bit of previous on the old email-front, as a stereotypical UK policeman might observe (lawks but writing for an international audiance doesn’t half give one pause missus).  Well using my google-search-fu and some Python-based smtp-lib hacery I was finally able to bypass our ailing local webserver and use the rather convenient and pretty robust Gmail-based SMTP server facility. It all feels wrong and hacky but, gosh darn it, it works and might prove to be one of those long-term short-term fixes.

The downsides may well make themselves known in the morn’ but right now I’m too knackered to care. Feel free to test our email by posting some very warm comments to your favorite author.

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