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15 New Learning Paths (mostly for Pythonistas)

We’ve published 15 new Learning Paths to help you build your knowledge of Python, C and Screencasting.  The Paths mix free and Club content in a guided journey, pulling out exactly the right episodes and series to help you complete your knowledge for a particular subject.

Popular Paths include:

Beginner Python Tutorial
Intermediate Python Tutorial
Python Development Environments
Beginning Python [...]

New Screencast Tutorial Learning Path

In the Learning Paths section we’ve added a new Screencast Tutorial.  The tutorial covers techniques, applications (for Windows, Mac and Linux) and how you can upload your screencasts into ShowMeDo.

Python Tutorials via Learning Paths

Over at ShowMeDo HQ Kyran has spent several months building a new learning system dubbed Learning Paths.  The aim of the paths is to give you a co-ordinated journey through many videos, with dependencies clearly marked, so you can track back and forth picking up all the skills you want.

The Learning Paths have just launched, [...]