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OpenOffice 3.1 Writer Tutorial

Do you want to learn OpenOffice Writer?  OOo Writer is the open-source world’s answer to Microsoft Word – it is pretty much feature compatible in every respect, it works the same way and you can edit and share .doc files just as if you were using Word.  You can even open older .doc files that [...]

Python 411 podcast interview – thanks Ron!

Ron Stephens, creator of the rather excellent Python411 podcast series was good enough to interview Kyran and myself a couple of weeks back: An interview with the founders of ShowMeDo: May 25, 2009

We cover the history of how we started ShowMeDo with Python screencasts, Kyran’s innovative Learning Paths (which caught MIT’s eye), the special learn-Python-quickly [...]

Python Beginners – Club Collection Takes Shape

Have finally got round to giving the Club videos a bit of presentational structure following Ian’s last file I/O series in his huge Beginner Programming With Python.

Ian’s final series in Beginners brings the club total to 118 videos, 15 video-series and over 10 hours of Pythonic video demonstration <phew>.

Ian’s beginner-sets were conceived as a [...]

Scientific and Parallel Computing Using IPython

Wearing my research-scientist’s hat I can honestly assert that Python’s strength in scientific programming is one of its glories, and maybe less appreciated than it should be. That makes series like unpingo’s
Scientific and parallel computing using IPython pure gold for its target audience. Combining the power and flexibility of the enhanced IPython interpreter with some [...]

Videos Rolling In

Neil Dickenson’s fantastic Assembly Programming Series continues apace, focussing on the stack.

A nice little video from Dai on using the Nautilus file-browser to do Linux admin tasks.

In just over a minute Ian shows how to install the increasingly necessary firefox adblock plugin. Very slickly done as always. As ever, adblocking is subject to a little [...]

Incoming C++ Videos

We have a huge C++ series coming in, courtesy of antiRTFM – C++ Tutorials – Absolute noob Spoonfeed. As a C++ programmer from way back, it’s great to see these videos at Showmedo. Yisroel has really created something rather special, 30 videos which aim to gently lead you through the initial steps of what is [...]