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Visual Parallel Computing Using Python-based VISION/HPC

We may not know much about the future of computer programming, but one thing we do know is that it is parallel and the biggest challenge facing software programmers and hardware designers is how to exploit all those multiple cores out there.

So Unpingco’s new Python series is both fascinating and prescient. Oh and useful [...]

Photo-editing with GIMP

Rede’s wondeful series shows how to repair old photographs with the GIMP graphic-editor. Check it out even if you haven’t got any old photographs to repair – you’ll learn a whole lot of GIMP anyway. And the photos are lovely too

`[1399] Enhance A Framed Photo With GIMP Part 1‘, a video-tutorial by Rede, [...]

More C++ video-tutorials

Yiroel’s huge C++ beginners set continues to grow. This is a fantastic resource for starting programmers in what is a notoriously tricky language. Compared to a scripting language like Python, C++ makes much greater demands on the programmer, with a much more complex syntax and work-flow. So if you could do with a bit of [...]