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Using Python strings and dictionaries to create video embedding templates

All Pythonistas will recognize the % operator used to format strings:

print “%s world from %s!”%(‘hello’, ’showmedo’)

This is similar to its ‘C’ antecedent but, as you would expect and probably know, Python allows containers other than tuples (in the case containing the ‘hello’ and ’showmedo’ strings) to be used in the string formatting operation.

The use of [...]

Python to the Rescue

Showmedo caught some flak from the recent Westhost (our main server-provider) troubles. Catch this pretty interesting thread for the gory details. We were actually pretty lucky as the main site remained standing (not the case for many others) but did manage to lose our cron daemon. As a result some restart scripts which check on [...]

A Little Downtime :(

Having to wear my sysadmin hat a little too often this week. I can honestly state that at least one of the bugs wasn’t my fault. At the moment our cron-jobs (timed unix processes) are failing to engage. So when the site falls down, there’s no handy cron-restart. Should be easy to track down and [...]

New Video Published: PyConPads

Showmedo is proud to publish:[1829] PyConPads, a video-tutorial by John Graves This video is part of the series PyCon 2010 Slides and Notes

Video showing how to remotely participate in the PyCon 2010 conference in Atlanta by watching the live note taking of some thoughtful and friendly participants using EtherPad. Go to https://twitter.com/pyconpads to find [...]

Testing Flowplayer embedding script

This little script, appearing below Showmedo’s video-boxes should allow easy embedding of the videos in blogs, articles and the like. As ever, avoid the WYSIWYG editors or the pristine HTML is likely to be horribly mangled.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be seeing a Showmedo video below (The first part of Chris Perkins’ [...]