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New Video Published: C++ Tutorial (1) – Absolute n00b spoonfeed

Showmedo is proud to publish:C++ Tutorial (1) – Absolute n00b spoonfeed [ID:1274], a video-tutorial by antiRTFM This video is part of the series C++ Tutorials – Absolute n00b spoonfeed

Video tutorials about programming in the C++ programming language.

Forum: http://cpptutorials.freeforums.org/

Part 1:
* Introduction
* Program / Programming
* Programming languages
* C++ Programming language

Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts [...]

Site Relaunch - customizing that Twitter Widget

With limited time to post any content to the Blog or Twitter micro-blog, being able to reuse/advartise that content seems like a win-win. Twitter helpfully provide a widget for just this purpose but, out of the box, it’s not quite right for my purposes. But with a little javascript, jQuery and CSS magic that can [...]