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About Us

Showmedo started around early 2006, inspired by watching web videos that did more than just entertain, they also educated. This idea has caught on a little since then, but these are still early days for internet education. We needed a focus for our own first forays into web-videos/screencasts and chose the Python programming language, something both founders loved using in what were then their day-jobs. These videos proved pretty popular and slowly new authors joined and our video collection grew. Although we were originally open to all educational videos, it quickly became clear that the large majority of the videos we were receiving demonstrated how to build or how to use open-source software. Thus in 2008 we ‘came out’ and declared ourselves an open-source educational site. It felt good to know who we were and made it easy to explain what we were about.

Until recently Showmedo has been a part-time endeavor, both founders having full-time contractual obligations. A small amount of funding allowed Ian to step up the pace in 2008 but he has now had to redirect his energies to potentially more lucrative endeavors. Which leaves Kyran as acting CEO, CTO and boy who makes the tea. With the remnants of the funding and some small savings he is learning to love rice and peas and honing his web-development skills, dreaming of the day when he has enough time to make some more screencasts. He is also keen to explore innovative ways to learn with the internet, allowing for his current web-hacking-fu.

Showmedo seeks to support itself through a subscription club offering some special videos made by our team and some extras to enhance your learning experience with us. You also get to use the author-request system to propose new learning material.

The founders

Kyran Dale

Kyran (email remove NOSPAM) was, until recently taking the helm at Showmedo, a research fellow at the UK’s University of Sussex. Here he spent a few too many years locked in a small room with some obstreperous bumble-bees, observing how they navigate and trying to model that in virtual worlds. His last project saw him return to evolving robot controllers using genetic algorithms, which is quite as cool as it sounds. He has made a few Showmedo videos in this time.

Ian Ozsvald

Ian is a past student of Sussex University and has been applying his knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to real-world industrial problems for the last 9 years.

Currently he helps out occasionally on Showmedo and can frequently be found in the Showmedo Group. Ian has authored many video tutorials, often creating Python Tutorials. He has applied some of his hard-earned skills to his new venture, Procasts.

He also works part-time on physics and AI problems at Panalytical at the Sussex Innovation Centre. He also has a personal blog where he talks about life and artificial-intelligence on occasion.

Team Showmedo

As well as Ian and Kyran, John Montgomery and Lucas Holland make video tutorials for the club and help out in other ways.

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