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New Java ShowMeDos: Java2Script

“Steven Devijver introduces the fantastic Java2Script tool which lets you write a GUI in Java and then converts the code into JavaScript so it runs in a web browser.” – 3 videos, 44 minutes, Steven Devijver.

New Java ShowMeDos: Writing a Mandelbrot Applet (parts 6-10 of 10)

John Montgomery’s series of 10 ShowMeDos introducing Java Applet programming is now complete, we’ve just uploaded the 6th to 10th parts. Here John shows how to write a classic Mandelbrot Applet, featuring colour, movement, fading and zooming.

You can see some extra information in this wiki entry wiki(JavaMontgomeryAppletSeries). You can vote for this video [...]

New Java ShowMeDos: Parts 4 and 5 of Writing Applets

John’s 4th and 5th videos are up. The series was originally for 5 videos, John has now recorded another 5 to extend the set – these will be posted during September. These videos cover animation in an Applet and pixel-level rendering. Please leave a comment for John if you like the videos!  [...]

New Java ShowMeDo: Part 3 of Writing Applets

John Montgomery’s 3rd video (in a series of 5) on writing Applets with Java is now on-line. Vote for it over at dzone.com.

New Java ShowMeDos: Writing Applets

John Montgomery has created a series of five ShowMeDos showing you how to write Applets with Java using Eclipse. The first two videos are on-line, the next three will be posted during September. Please leave a video-comment for John to show your appreciation!

You can also vote for this series over at this dzone.com [...]

New ShowMeDos: Java

John continues the Eclipse series with a fourth on Using CVS inside Eclipse for version control, and shows how to use his Java Psion Link application.

Thanks John!

New Java and Eclipse ShowMeDos

John Montgomery has contributed a set of 3 videos introducing Java programming with the Eclipse IDE.

John covers writing a first Java program, code completion and the rename refactoring tool.