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Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts [...]

Python to the Rescue

Showmedo caught some flak from the recent Westhost (our main server-provider) troubles. Catch this pretty interesting thread for the gory details. We were actually pretty lucky as the main site remained standing (not the case for many others) but did manage to lose our cron daemon. As a result some restart scripts which check on [...]

The font of knowledge

One of the nice things about the web and coding in general is the occasional little distraction thrown up in the space of toolsets, coding-practice and the like. Today those eddies in cyberspace have brought fonts to the fore, after a while in which I really hadn’t given it too much thought. But the fact [...]

Taming Flowplayer Pt. 1

Getting Flowplayer up and running on the site was not quite as smooth as the nice web-site and clean API suggested. I’ll be documenting the whole gory process in the ‘Building a Website (with Python, jquery etc..)’ series, but in the meantime I’ll mention the hideous hackery needed to get over the final hurdle that [...]

New flash-player being debuted

It’s been much more work than anticipated (a definite screencast or three in there somewhere) but we’ve finally moved to the open-source flowplayer Chief benefits are:

much cleaner jquery-like API
far greater control over the video-player area. Which means…
innovative ways of directing users to new content and…
with luck much more interactivity with the video-player

p.s. the commenting [...]

A Wing, a Prayer, and the Ol’ Big G

Fresh from bemoaning increasing Google intrusiveness , here’s a little tale to warm the cockles.  Showmedo’s email wented AWOL today, cue five hours of so of adrenaline-fueled panic.  A few hundred forum-trawls later, it turns out that our server-host has a bit of previous on the old email-front, as a stereotypical UK policeman might observe [...]

A Sting in the Tale

I just caught a very cool example of what some people are doing with javascript these days. A little molecule-builder, it’s impressive and fun at the same time:

check out Molecools

Now that was fun, and note the example molecule, Ethanol. As an aside, the simulator is pretty crude so there’s no valency-counting or any of the [...]