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New Video Published: C++ Tutorial (1) – Absolute n00b spoonfeed

Showmedo is proud to publish:C++ Tutorial (1) – Absolute n00b spoonfeed [ID:1274], a video-tutorial by antiRTFM This video is part of the series C++ Tutorials – Absolute n00b spoonfeed

Video tutorials about programming in the C++ programming language.

Forum: http://cpptutorials.freeforums.org/

Part 1:
* Introduction
* Program / Programming
* Programming languages
* C++ Programming language

New Video Published: Pygame tutorial – Installation

Showmedo is proud to publish:[1780] Pygame tutorial – Installation, a video-tutorial by Kenny X This video is part of the series Using Pygame for Games

In this tutorial screencast you will learn how to install pygame on Linux, Mac, and Windows. I explain what you can find on http://pygame.org/download.shtml and how to find out if [...]

New Videorama

Things are starting to settle with the new site and new-server teething problems, so some new video announcements are long overdue. I’ll deal here with the non-python contributions:

First up we have atlef’s videos, showing how to perform a minimal Ubuntu install.
Neil Dickenson continues his justifiably popular and really rather wonderful Introduction to Assembley Language.
Steve’s extends [...]

New ShowMeDo: Practical Episode – User Interface Basics

“In this episode, you’ll learn the basics of working with Ubuntu’s (GNOME) user interface.” – video here, Lucas Holland

New ShowMeDo: Theoretical Episode – UNIX and GNU

“This episode is about the operating system UNIX, the operating system GNU and the project GNU.” – video here, Lucas Holland,Marius Meinert