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Choosing a Python Web Framework I - bottling it

A few years ago, when choosing a Python Web-framework with which to build Showmedo, life was a little simpler. The big CMS frameworks like Zope and its relatively user-friendly little bro Plone were reasonably well established and there were a few up and coming lighter frameworks, which promised to take one closer to the Python. [...]

Congratulations for Dai's 40th Scribus Video!

Big kudos to Dai for adding his 40th Scribus Video to Showmedo. Judging from the feedback and Google, these are by some way the most popular Scribus screencasts on the web and a great testimony to Dai’s teaching skills and the efficacy screencasting.

You can see Dai’s Scribus collection here, and sample his 40th video below:

Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts [...]

New Scribus Video Published

We’re proud to publish another video in Dai’s hugely popular Scribus Desktop Publishing set. Entitled Drop Caps Revisited:

Testing wordpress-twitter plugin

If this gets through, the soon to be awesomeness of this blog will be seeping through to twitter automatically. Or crashing something somewhere. Going to keep on writing to hit the 140 limit – and see what it does with that.

New flash-player being debuted

It’s been much more work than anticipated (a definite screencast or three in there somewhere) but we’ve finally moved to the open-source flowplayer Chief benefits are:

much cleaner jquery-like API
far greater control over the video-player area. Which means…
innovative ways of directing users to new content and…
with luck much more interactivity with the video-player

p.s. the commenting [...]

Python Beginners Completed! – File Input/Output

Finally we’ve finished the Python Beginners über-series in our Club. In total the Club has 118 videos over 15 series all focused on teaching new Python skills. Now we’re done with Python beginners we’ll be expanding our scope.

In just under 30 minutes in the File I/O Tutorial I cover reading text files, writing [...]

Visual Parallel Computing Using Python-based VISION/HPC

We may not know much about the future of computer programming, but one thing we do know is that it is parallel and the biggest challenge facing software programmers and hardware designers is how to exploit all those multiple cores out there.

So Unpingco’s new Python series is both fascinating and prescient. Oh and useful [...]

Scientific and Parallel Computing Using IPython

Wearing my research-scientist’s hat I can honestly assert that Python’s strength in scientific programming is one of its glories, and maybe less appreciated than it should be. That makes series like unpingo’s
Scientific and parallel computing using IPython pure gold for its target audience. Combining the power and flexibility of the enhanced IPython interpreter with some [...]

Videos Rolling In

Neil Dickenson’s fantastic Assembly Programming Series continues apace, focussing on the stack.

A nice little video from Dai on using the Nautilus file-browser to do Linux admin tasks.

In just over a minute Ian shows how to install the increasingly necessary firefox adblock plugin. Very slickly done as always. As ever, adblocking is subject to a little [...]

Incoming C++ Videos

We have a huge C++ series coming in, courtesy of antiRTFM – C++ Tutorials – Absolute noob Spoonfeed. As a C++ programmer from way back, it’s great to see these videos at Showmedo. Yisroel has really created something rather special, 30 videos which aim to gently lead you through the initial steps of what is [...]

15 New Learning Paths (mostly for Pythonistas)

We’ve published 15 new Learning Paths to help you build your knowledge of Python, C and Screencasting.  The Paths mix free and Club content in a guided journey, pulling out exactly the right episodes and series to help you complete your knowledge for a particular subject.

Popular Paths include:

Beginner Python Tutorial
Intermediate Python Tutorial
Python Development Environments
Beginning Python [...]

New Screencast Tutorial Learning Path

In the Learning Paths section we’ve added a new Screencast Tutorial.  The tutorial covers techniques, applications (for Windows, Mac and Linux) and how you can upload your screencasts into ShowMeDo.

Showmedo Relaunching

Frantic scenes aboard the SS Showmedo as we move to a new server and introduce a much-changed site. According to google analytics about one third of our regular audience are currently lost in cyberspace as various DNS caches around the globe send them off to the old site or some weird fusion of old and [...]

UK Government Turns To Open Source

Given the UK government’s historic love of all software solutions proprietary,  the news that Open Source solutions are now to be actively sought for and encouraged is significant indeed.  Possible reasons for this volt-face are the collapse of more than a few high profile proprietary IT projects and a general need for belt-tightening as the [...]

Who Blogs the Blogmen?

Blogging about our freshly themed, recently resuscitated blog seems more than a tad redundant but it has been poorly and someone has to announce its recovery. It should look more at home with the new Showmedo site, courtesy of some wordpress-theme-fuery, which turned out to be slightly less painful than all that but which will [...]

ShowMeDo up and running on new server

This is a test message that confirms that the blog is working.  ShowMeDo.com came up on a new server a week back, we’re still configuring a few parts and expect full service over the next week.

ShowMeDo is on Twitter

If you’re a twitter user, we’re now announcing our open-source tutorial screencasts at http://twitter.com/showmedo.  This will include all the Python videos, along with Inkscape, GIMP and everything else.

Twitter makes it easier to push out lite announces rather than writing longer blog posts on ShowMeDo’s regular blog (though of course we’re still blogging, but just as [...]

Making Python math 196* faster with shedskin

On my personal blog I have written a long entry on Making Python math 196* faster with shedskin.

I compared stock Python 2.5, Psyco and ShedSkin output on an artificial neural network problem. The goal was to quickly estimate how fast a C version might solve the problem without having to actually write C (thus saving [...]

‘How I Screencast’ by Florian

Florian, one of our authors, has written a blog on how ‘How I do my screencasts‘.

“…I log into my tutorial account and start making the screencast, with recording on. It has to be noted that I have no second monitor showing me the code I am supposed to write, so I pretty much write it [...]

“Batteries Included” Python beginner Club series now finished

Lucas’ Club series for Python beginners which introduces the Python standard library is now complete.

Batteries Included – The Python Standard Library has 9 episodes for Club-subscribers which introduce the core elements of file-system access, using the shell, regular expressions, math, dates and talking to websites.

“I will thank you for getting this in-depth basic explanation of [...]

New Club videos for “Batteries Included” series on The Python Standard Library

Lucas Holland joins Kyran, John and Ian as an author for ShowMeDo’s Club.  The Club creates tutorial videos for beginner and intermediate Python programmers.

For his first series Lucas covers elements of The Python Standard Library.

Half of the videos are published, the series will be fully published in the next two weeks.  Each video is around [...]

New Club series for Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers

I’m rather excited to announce this new and rather long Club ShowMeDo series called Common Variables and Containers.  It is aimed at new/intermediate Python users and builds upon the previous ‘What Does Python Look Like?‘ series.

In 14 episodes I introduce the user to all the common Python datatypes and containers.  This includes showing common usage [...]

Two more ‘Beginning Python’ episodes posted

Continuing from the last post we’ve published two more Club ShowMeDo videos in the first Python Beginners series named What Does Python Look Like?

The current four (of six) episodes are:

3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?) (Free)
Variables and Naming
Write and Run (and Unit Tests), No Compiling
Indentation and Colons

There are two more episodes to come, [...]

Learn Google App Engine with ShowMeDo

Kyran has published the first five episodes of A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK in Club ShowMeDo, more will follow over the coming weeks.

“Google has chosen Python as its initial application development language, allowing new users to leverage the considerable power and usability of such frameworks as Django or Pylons. This [...]