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C tutorial video series.

I planned on making a long series of videos for the C language (see “C programming tutorial“) because ShowMeDo, the best site for educational screencasts (no advertisement intended) lacked C screencasts. Also C is great for starting in a good position(not too high-level, not too low) as a programmer.

This series is a very informal introduction [...]

Draft ‘Starting with Python’ guide in ShowMeDo

For a while I’ve been mulling adding text-only tutorials to ShowMeDo – basically a regular video page sans the video-box. By adding Guides we can write short tutorials which help to connect our video series together and also link to external tutorials.

The first Guide is Starting with Python:

Installing Python
Language overview
Writing your first program
Learn Python [...]

Neue Serie: Programmierung mit Python

Marius und ich haben die ersten beiden Videos einer neuen Videoserie online gestellt. Es handelt sich bei dieser Serie um “Programmierung mit Python“. Sie knüpft direkt an unsere Einsteigerserie an und soll den Schritt vom Beherrschen der theoretischen Grundlagen zum Schreiben praktischer Programme erleichtern. Dazu werden wir in jeder Episode ein kleines Programm schreiben, das [...]

ShowMeDo on the web

We’ve had two great mentions in the last few days. The first was by Og Macial who posted after buying a Club subscription to learn Python:

Today I subscribed to ShowMeDo, a web site dedicated to providing tutorials in the format of screencasts. The tutorials cover many programming topics with Python being the one that [...]

Ubuntu UK Podcast interviews ShowMeDo

I was very happy to accept an invite from Alan Pope of the Ubuntu UK Screencasting team last weekend to do an interview for their monthly podcast (ogg/mp3s here).

We spoke about many topics including why Kyran and I started the site, our 50 Ubuntu screencasts and how easy it is to make screencasts for ShowMeDo.

Tony’s [...]

COM and Python with pyWin32

My pyWin32 tutorial series is now finished. Six screencasts lasting 30 minutes take you through:

Talking to Excel with pyWin32
Tip – Cleanly Quit Excel and del the local reference
Quick Graphing via Excel
Using Excel for Input
A COM Server in Python in 20 Lines

This series is a part of Club ShowMeDo which contains specially recorded Python training [...]

(perhaps) First public speech about ShowMeDo in Austria

I gave a lightning talk yesterday night at the 2-years birthday party of Metalab in Vienna, Austra.

I was talking about the ShowMeDo videos I did in Metalab and about the (not yet published) first Python xturtle-video-tutorial in Catalan language.

The audience were more interested in beginning the birthday party, chatting and drinking beer (I shared this [...]

OpenStreet Map videos

Steve has built a series of 6 videos for OpenStreetMap. He covers:

OpenStreetMap introduction A introduction to using and getting started with OpenStreetMap.
Potlatch introduction A introduction to the openstreetmap.org online Flash-based editor, potlatch.
GPSBabel How to use GPS babel on a mac to get data off of your GPS and in to GPX. Some applicability to [...]

xturtle, random und genetischer Algorithmus (Python screencasts)

Felix schaber and Horst Jens are building a series on using Genetic Algorithms with Python and xturtle to breed interesting pictures.  The title is Python: xturtle, random und genetischer Algorithmus.

The series is in German (with English subtitles) and builds upon a previous series:

dies ist die deutsche Übersetzung der [...]

Using pyWin32 with Excel

I’ve started another Club series to show you how to use pyWin32 on Windows to talk to COM-aware applications like Excel.

Personally I’ve used Excel as a simple charting tool for quick science research. I figured that several screencasts on this leading to the creation of a Python COM server would make for a good [...]

ShowMeDo April Update

[This is a re-print of the monthly Update Email that is sent to all of our Members]

The biggest change you might notice right now is that we’ve added a statement-of-purpose to our frontpage:
which says that ShowMeDo is focusing on Free & Open-Source software.

Here’s a part of it:
“We’re here to help address the need for good [...]

ShowMeDo March Update – Python Subscriptions going great, VoIP conference tonight

[This is a re-print of the monthly Update Email that is sent to all of our Members]

wxPython Videos Hit the Spot:

I’m really rather pleased to say that our Subscriber series on building a wxPython Image Viewer has been going down a storm and we’ve received a heap of great feedback.

The series will have 14 episodes [...]

Menus and Binding for wxPython Image Viewer

The fourth episode of the wxPython Image Viewer tutorial – Add Menus, wx Ids, Binding – has just been published. This is one of our subscriber-only Python tutorials which builds upon Kyran’s original free wxPython tutorial.

In this episode we add a MenuBar and Menu items to the skeleton application. Since Menus force us to [...]

ShowMeDo is Teaching Python

Last weekend we opened Club ShowMeDo for new Python programmers. This week we begin publishing our first new series – building a wxPython Image Viewer in very simple steps, aimed at new wxPython programmers. The series will assume some prior Python knowledge and no prior wxPython knowledge.

We’ll release a few episodes each week [...]

ShowMeDo teaches Python from February 9th

Do you want to learn to program Python and use tools like wxPython, pyWin32 and Django?

At ShowMeDo we’re about to introduce subscriber-only tutorials in addition to all our free tutorial videos. Subscribers get access to freshly produced series aimed directly at new Python programmers who want to learn more. Become a Member to [...]

Growth in Python Project Popularity

I’ve been wondering how many downloads the popular Python projects receive. The Python wiki’s MostPopularPythonProjects page is out of date – from 2004 (and annoyingly I can’t log in to edit it).

I followed up on the project links and have new download statistics. Each project is hosted at SourceForge, the numerical link goes to [...]

New ShowMeDo: Jython First Impressions

Would you like to see Jython in action? David Fung has created a short video which compares Python and Jython at the command line:

David even shows you how to interactively develop a GUI using Java’s Swing.

If you like David’s video then please do leave him a comment thanking him and saying what [...]

New ShowMeDo: Wing Pro v3 (Part 2 of 2)

The second walk-through showing Wingware’s latest Wing IDE v3 Pro in action is available in ShowMeDo:

In this episode I show you how to debug an application and write new code whilst debugging the currently running process. Topics covered:

The Exception tool
Conditional Breakpoints
Debug I/O window
Debug Probe
Looking at variables inside a live process (Debug [...]

New ShowMeDo: Wing Pro v3 (Part 1 of 2)

See Wingware’s latest IDE – Wing Pro v3 – in action in the first of two introductory screencasts.

Here I show you how to start coding and navigating to help you answer the question ‘How can Wing help me with my Python development?’.

Topics covered:

Display customisation – visual theme, keyboard personality, toolbar
Auto-complete with tab
Source Assistant for [...]

Compiling FAAD and FAAC (libfaad/libfaac) on RedHat

I wanted to extend the range of videos that we can accept inside ShowMeDo’s uploader/processor, in particular several users have uploaded mp4 video and mp4a audio which our ffmpeg didn’t understand.

To enable mp4a decoding I needed to compile libfaad/libfaac on our RedHat box, here are the instructions. Note that libfaac is required – I [...]

Using non-Python files with py2exe

Having used py2exe on a few occasions, each time I’ve stumbled over how to make it include additional data files and exes that my Python code depends on.

I’m writing this entry for personal reference and, just perhaps, I can save someone else the trawl through the docs.

py2exe is a breeze – I’ve used it on [...]

Jeff Rush’s IPython tutorial wins Most Watched Prize

Jeff Rush (PSF Advocacy co-ordinator) wins our prize this month for creating the most-watched tutorial video at ShowMeDo. Jeff’s prize is a well-deserved £20 UK Amazon voucher.

Jeff’s ‘The ‘IPython’ Interactive Shell – Part 1‘ (from his ‘A Demonstration of the ‘IPython’ Interactive Shell‘ series) has been viewed 458 times in the last month.

This month [...]

80% of UK users stream video

This comScore study (June 2007) discusses the rise in use of streaming video in the UK:

“The report shows that 80% of Internet users in the UK stream video, and that the average Briton initiated 80 streams in the month of April”

This study also stated that 76% of US users watched video online. This statement [...]

Google rank improvements continue – SEO keeps paying dividends

Our search-engine-optimisation efforts continue to pay dividends.  In my last post on SEO we had climbed Google’s ranks quickly.

This week we continue to climb and several of our terms are now on the first page of google’s results.  We still have more work to do and the results so far are very encouraging.

Below I list [...]

Productive in 10 minutes with TurboGears and Python 2.5

Installing a fresh TurboGears 1.0.3 on a clean Python 2.5 (Windows) install took less than 10 minutes last night. A moment later I had our latest Subversion source tree downloaded and running on the machine. Productivity in just 10 minutes – woot!

Kyran and I are working on the new arm of ShowMeDo. [...]