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New ShowMeDo: Arrays and Loops in Perl

“This fourth showmedo covers arrays, ranges, the foreach loop statement and the scope of variables.” – 1 video (of 4), 8 minutes, Steven Devijver

New Perl ShowMeDo: Conditionals and Arithmetic

“Next come simple arithmetic operators and conditional statements in Perl.” – 1 video, 12 minutes, Steven Devijver

New ShowMeDo: Simple variables in Perl

“In this second ShowMeDo on the Perl programming language Steven introduces how simple variables work in Perl.” – 1 video, 14 minutes, Steven Devijver.

New ShowMeDo: Hello World in Perl

“A short introduction to running Perl scripts on a Unix, Linux or Cygwin system. In this video Steven shows you how to get started with Perl in what hopefully becomes a ShowMeDo series.” – Steven Devijver