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Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts [...]

A Sting in the Tale

I just caught a very cool example of what some people are doing with javascript these days. A little molecule-builder, it’s impressive and fun at the same time:

check out Molecools

Now that was fun, and note the example molecule, Ethanol. As an aside, the simulator is pretty crude so there’s no valency-counting or any of the [...]

Ryan Carson asking about web-app experiences

Ryan Carson has posted an entry asking for start-ups to blog about their founding experiences and a number of small companies are posting details.

If you want about how ShowMeDo started, see my comment over on Ryan’s post. Dary, down the road at timetotrade.eu, has also commented about his experiences.