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Python Beginners – Club Collection Takes Shape

Have finally got round to giving the Club videos a bit of presentational structure following Ian’s last file I/O series in his huge Beginner Programming With Python.

Ian’s final series in Beginners brings the club total to 118 videos, 15 video-series and over 10 hours of Pythonic video demonstration <phew>.

Ian’s beginner-sets were conceived as a [...]

Scientific and Parallel Computing Using IPython

Wearing my research-scientist’s hat I can honestly assert that Python’s strength in scientific programming is one of its glories, and maybe less appreciated than it should be. That makes series like unpingo’s
Scientific and parallel computing using IPython pure gold for its target audience. Combining the power and flexibility of the enhanced IPython interpreter with some [...]

15 New Learning Paths (mostly for Pythonistas)

We’ve published 15 new Learning Paths to help you build your knowledge of Python, C and Screencasting.  The Paths mix free and Club content in a guided journey, pulling out exactly the right episodes and series to help you complete your knowledge for a particular subject.

Popular Paths include:

Beginner Python Tutorial
Intermediate Python Tutorial
Python Development Environments
Beginning Python [...]

Python Tutorials via Learning Paths

Over at ShowMeDo HQ Kyran has spent several months building a new learning system dubbed Learning Paths.  The aim of the paths is to give you a co-ordinated journey through many videos, with dependencies clearly marked, so you can track back and forth picking up all the skills you want.

The Learning Paths have just launched, [...]

Boa-Constructor (WxPython GUI-builder) Video Series

There are precious few open-source (OS) GUI builders of any repute but the lack is sorely felt in the WxPython world. WxGlade is a fine tool  if you like, as I do, it’s minimalist approach, but it is best for fairly small projects. When programming in the C++ WxWidgets I was impressed by the DialogBlocks [...]

Python 3 Videos

In a trickle sure to become a flood, we are starting to receive some videos demonstrating Python 3 and its differences from the 2.3–2.6 family. Exciting time for all Pythonistas, but it will take a while before Py3k is the first Python of choice. But watch these and the others to come if you want [...]

A Special Mention

Erik Thompson continues his huge series ‘Developing Emol’ which follows his creation of a 3D molecule viewer using Python and WxPython, the Python GUI-building library. Erik has really created something special here, and it’s my own personal favourite Showmedo series. He covers quite comprehansively the creation of a useful and very cool piece of software. [...]

Python Beginners – ‘if, else, elif’ Introduction

We’ve just published another series aimed at Python Beginners – “the ‘if’ statement” introduces the ‘if’ statement to new programmers, along with ‘else’ and ‘elif’.

The series is short – just two episodes lasting for 14 minutes.  If you’re new to Python and you want to learn how it works, our Club series are just for [...]

ShowMeDo is on Twitter

If you’re a twitter user, we’re now announcing our open-source tutorial screencasts at http://twitter.com/showmedo.  This will include all the Python videos, along with Inkscape, GIMP and everything else.

Twitter makes it easier to push out lite announces rather than writing longer blog posts on ShowMeDo’s regular blog (though of course we’re still blogging, but just as [...]

Making Python math 196* faster with shedskin

On my personal blog I have written a long entry on Making Python math 196* faster with shedskin.

I compared stock Python 2.5, Psyco and ShedSkin output on an artificial neural network problem. The goal was to quickly estimate how fast a C version might solve the problem without having to actually write C (thus saving [...]

Python Beginners – Functions series finished for Club ShowMeDo

Python Beginners – Functions teaches you how to write and call your own functions in Python. We cover how to write functions, argument passing, scoping, gotchas and nested functions.

“I like the beginner videos, because you are confident on what the student must prepare to accept initially as dogma, and suggest to trust you for later [...]

Python 411 interviews ShowMeDo, another Python Papers article

One of my jobs as co-founder is to work to get kudos for our authors.  Authors put many hours into creating the free ShowMeDo screencasts that educate thousands and I love to see them get recognised.

Ron Stephens of awaretek and the Python 411 podcasts interviewed me last week (30 minute mp3).  Sadly our Skype connection [...]

“Batteries Included” Python beginner Club series now finished

Lucas’ Club series for Python beginners which introduces the Python standard library is now complete.

Batteries Included – The Python Standard Library has 9 episodes for Club-subscribers which introduce the core elements of file-system access, using the shell, regular expressions, math, dates and talking to websites.

“I will thank you for getting this in-depth basic explanation of [...]

“An Introduction to Vim Macros” screencast series

Justin Lilly has created a 3-part series on using Vim macros, Vim is a powerful editor that has a bit of a learning curve.

“Thanks! Learning by looking over the shoulder is really a great addition to the help files.”

Screencasts make it easier to see what’s going on for the new user:

An Introduction to Vim Macros
Vim [...]

New Django Screencasts in time for v1 release

We’ve got new Django screencasts (30 to date), first Eric Holscher has added 4 videos on Debugging Django covering the Django error page, logging, pdb in Django and unit tests.

“Wow! I had no idea Django could do that. Suffering from some serious envy right here. Very, very good screencast. Pacing, structure, content all top notch. [...]

“Searching the Python Bug Tracker” screencast

Andrew Kuchling has created a screencast on Searching the Python Bug Tracker which describes how you can search for bugs in the Python bug tracker.

Searching for bugs helps you figure out if you’ve found a problem with Python rather than in your own code.  Filing bugs is an important way you can help to make [...]

“Python Beginners – Loops and Iteration” – Club Series fully published

I’m happy to say that I’ve just published the last three episodes for Python Beginners – Loops and Iteration.  This is another of our Club ShowMeDo Python Beginners series aimed at new Python programmers, it takes you through looping and iteration techniques.

By the end of the series you’ll be able to read other people’s Python [...]

New Club videos for “Batteries Included” series on The Python Standard Library

Lucas Holland joins Kyran, John and Ian as an author for ShowMeDo’s Club.  The Club creates tutorial videos for beginner and intermediate Python programmers.

For his first series Lucas covers elements of The Python Standard Library.

Half of the videos are published, the series will be fully published in the next two weeks.  Each video is around [...]

New series – Batteries included – The Python standard library

Lucas Holland has joined us as a Club ShowMeDo author, his first series for Club-members is Batteries Included – The Python Standard Library.  Lucas has been authoring free Python videos inside ShowMeDo for a year.

We’re very happy to welcome him as a Club author and we’re excited to now be offering a greater range of [...]

Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers Series Completed

The complete Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers series is now on-line. This Club series is aimed at new Python programmers who want to get their heads around all of the common data-types and containers in Python.  Examples of common usage are given along with links for background information.

Overview (Variables and Containers) (Free)
Variables [...]

“Programmierung mit Python” German screencasts

Lucas has created the 4-part Programmierung mit Python for German speakers.  The current episodes are:

Grundlagen der GUI Progammierung mit wxPython
GUI Programmierung: Details

Whilst most of our 330 Python screencasts are in English, we have a small set of German-language screencasts.  We’re very open to supporting other spoken languages, demonstrating Python in a variety of languages seems [...]

New series – Agile Python+Pylons to build pySvnManager

Jiang Xin has authored a new 7-part series on using agile techniques, with the pylons framework, to build an SVN authz management tool called pySvnManager.

His series of screencasts take you through the problem, using test-driven development (TDD), unit testing and building an app using the pylons framework:

Background and deployment of pySvnManager
TDD for model [...]

Sphinx and Doctests screencast

Percious continues his series on Agile Development in Python with a 3rd screencast on Using Sphinx and Doctests to provide robust documentation.

“Sphinx is a fairly new package that people have been using to document their packages. Even the newest Python 2.6 documentation has been converted to sphinx. This demo shows how you can use sphinx [...]

Huge screencast series ‘Developing emol!’ for new Pythonistas

For 7 months Erik has been building up the excellent Developing emol! screencast series for building a 3D molecule viewer from scratch.  In the current 24 episodes (which are a part of our 330 Python screencasts) you’ll find topics such as:

Use Cases and design
Bazaar and Launchpad
Copyright and CC licensing

“As someone who is new to programming [...]

Setting Up a Django Development Environment

ericflo has begun a new Django screencast series entitled Setting Up a Django Development Environment.  The current two episodes cover:

Setting Up a Django Development Environment
Django Pagination

We’re very keen to receive new web-app screencasts, all contributors get free access to our beginner-focused Club and we work to publicise your efforts.  Videos on Django, TurboGears, Pylons and [...]