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Choosing a Python Web Framework I - bottling it

A few years ago, when choosing a Python Web-framework with which to build Showmedo, life was a little simpler. The big CMS frameworks like Zope and its relatively user-friendly little bro Plone were reasonably well established and there were a few up and coming lighter frameworks, which promised to take one closer to the Python. [...]

Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts [...]

Site Relaunch - customizing that Twitter Widget

With limited time to post any content to the Blog or Twitter micro-blog, being able to reuse/advartise that content seems like a win-win. Twitter helpfully provide a widget for just this purpose but, out of the box, it’s not quite right for my purposes. But with a little javascript, jQuery and CSS magic that can [...]

Using Python strings and dictionaries to create video embedding templates

All Pythonistas will recognize the % operator used to format strings:

print “%s world from %s!”%(‘hello’, ’showmedo’)

This is similar to its ‘C’ antecedent but, as you would expect and probably know, Python allows containers other than tuples (in the case containing the ‘hello’ and ’showmedo’ strings) to be used in the string formatting operation.

The use of [...]

Python to the Rescue

Showmedo caught some flak from the recent Westhost (our main server-provider) troubles. Catch this pretty interesting thread for the gory details. We were actually pretty lucky as the main site remained standing (not the case for many others) but did manage to lose our cron daemon. As a result some restart scripts which check on [...]

A Little Downtime :(

Having to wear my sysadmin hat a little too often this week. I can honestly state that at least one of the bugs wasn’t my fault. At the moment our cron-jobs (timed unix processes) are failing to engage. So when the site falls down, there’s no handy cron-restart. Should be easy to track down and [...]

New flash-player being debuted

It’s been much more work than anticipated (a definite screencast or three in there somewhere) but we’ve finally moved to the open-source flowplayer Chief benefits are:

much cleaner jquery-like API
far greater control over the video-player area. Which means…
innovative ways of directing users to new content and…
with luck much more interactivity with the video-player

p.s. the commenting [...]

Python Beginners Completed! – File Input/Output

Finally we’ve finished the Python Beginners über-series in our Club. In total the Club has 118 videos over 15 series all focused on teaching new Python skills. Now we’re done with Python beginners we’ll be expanding our scope.

In just under 30 minutes in the File I/O Tutorial I cover reading text files, writing [...]

Python 411 podcast interview – thanks Ron!

Ron Stephens, creator of the rather excellent Python411 podcast series was good enough to interview Kyran and myself a couple of weeks back: An interview with the founders of ShowMeDo: May 25, 2009

We cover the history of how we started ShowMeDo with Python screencasts, Kyran’s innovative Learning Paths (which caught MIT’s eye), the special learn-Python-quickly [...]

Python Beginners – Club Collection Takes Shape

Have finally got round to giving the Club videos a bit of presentational structure following Ian’s last file I/O series in his huge Beginner Programming With Python.

Ian’s final series in Beginners brings the club total to 118 videos, 15 video-series and over 10 hours of Pythonic video demonstration <phew>.

Ian’s beginner-sets were conceived as a [...]

15 New Learning Paths (mostly for Pythonistas)

We’ve published 15 new Learning Paths to help you build your knowledge of Python, C and Screencasting.  The Paths mix free and Club content in a guided journey, pulling out exactly the right episodes and series to help you complete your knowledge for a particular subject.

Popular Paths include:

Beginner Python Tutorial
Intermediate Python Tutorial
Python Development Environments
Beginning Python [...]

Showmedo Relaunching

Frantic scenes aboard the SS Showmedo as we move to a new server and introduce a much-changed site. According to google analytics about one third of our regular audience are currently lost in cyberspace as various DNS caches around the globe send them off to the old site or some weird fusion of old and [...]