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Clearer message and Statistics for our Services arm

I’m pleased to say that we’re clarifying our message for our professional screencasting services on our ShowMeDo Services website.

We know now that one of our clear advantages is that we have great expertise at making screencasts for product demonstrations, marketing and technical support. I have changed the format of our Services page to [...]

New videos: Scribus, Inkscape, C tutorial

Dai just keeps on adding more great Scribus tutorial videos to the site.  Heathenx has joined us and is building up a great set of Inkscape tutorial videos in the Graphics section (e.g. this one on creating a globe in Inkscape).

Gasto is our newest author and he has started work on a C video tutorial [...]

Public interest in professional screencast production

Interestingly I’m getting some public interest now for professional screencast production via our ShowMeDo Services site. (please see ProCasts, this replaces ShowMeDo’s Services arm).

People seem to be coming through from google with terms like ’screencasting service’ and ’screencast production’ and given the evidence from ShowMeDo that I can produce clear and informative screencasts – we’re [...]

New Services Client – More Moolaa with Yoolaa

Cliff Jenkins at Yoolaa has created his first screencast under our professional screencast production arm.

Now that their new website is ready Cliff has plans to create a whole set of marketing screencasts and also educational screencasts to communicate their message more effectively.

The title for the first video is ‘More moolaa with yoolaa‘. In Cliff’s [...]

New Services Site for Professional Screencasts

Last week we revamped our ShowMeDo Services website with a new look. This is the first time that I’m working with a graphic designer and I have to say that I’m very impressed with the result

Jo and I spent time discussing the main point of the site – it is to give people confidence [...]

Digg adds Screencast for user-education

Digg.com, the hugely popular social news site, has just released a screencast which demonstrates Digg’s latest features (original blog link).

Strangely they have chosen to use Flash version 8 which isn’t available on many Linux machines (losing them a portion of their audience) though the screencast works fine on Windows and Mac machines.

In 3 minutes they [...]

80% of UK users stream video

This comScore study (June 2007) discusses the rise in use of streaming video in the UK:

“The report shows that 80% of Internet users in the UK stream video, and that the average Briton initiated 80 streams in the month of April”

This study also stated that 76% of US users watched video online. This statement [...]

eXpansys using streaming video to show products ‘in action’

[Update - Amazon adds video of products]

eXpansys sells mobile phone and wireless devices in the UK, I’ve been using them for years and can’t recommend them enough. I noticed last week that they link to YouTube videos which show their products in-use by a ‘normal person’.

You can see it here for this Dell Stowaway [...]

IBM uses video to help you install a memory upgrade (Thinkpad X40 and X41)

IBM are now using streaming video to show you how to install a memory upgrade inside your laptop. The video is for the Thinkpad X40 or X41.

Memory installation on a laptop is often a difficult job – it is nice to see IBM take the time to show a video (along with a text [...]

GoToMeeting – easy remote desktops

Under our new ShowMeDo Services arm I’m working with Cliff of eAdvantage to help him build and host videos which demonstrate their software.  Today Cliff made and published his first video (it’ll go live next week).

Cliff suggested I use GoToMeeting to remotely configure his PC – it took 5 minutes from accepting his invite (on [...]