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Agile development tool screencasts

percious posts two screencasts showing agile development tools in Python.  In the first he shows VirtualEnv and PasteScriptVirtualEnv is a ‘virtual Python environment builder’, PasteScript is a ‘pluggable command-line frontend, including commands to setup package file layouts’.

“Very nice. I’ve been meaning to use virtualenv for some of my projects now. Looks very simple to get it up and running. Thanks!”

The second screencast is Using Nosetests and Coverage to create robust software.  These are the sort of tools that help you to create reliable software using thorough (and easy-to-implement!) tests.

“Awesome stuff…pls bring more :o )”

There are over 300 Python tutorial screencasts in ShowMedo, many produced by our users.  Each contributor gets free access to Club ShowMeDo’s extra Python tutorials.

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